March 22, 2023

Travel Stalled: Greece and Turkey Lose Market Due to Seasonality

Europes travel sector has still not removed, in the method that we had actually hoped: despite the intro of the Green Pass and the easing of constraints, the healing of pre-COVID flows is still a long way far from our present truth.

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The increase in demand throughout the summertime season did supercharge European tourism; however, the increase was cancelled out by the Delta alternative outbreak, leaving the European travel market stagnant. Over the last thirty days, demand for flights to Europe has actually remained mainly static, differing by only 2.1% compared to the very same duration in 2015.

Together with Spain and Italy, Greece and Turkey were the nations that contributed most to the healing of European tourist need. Greece was the forerunner in 2021 due to the fact that of the federal governments enthusiastic plans to relaunch the sector, arranging tourist corridors in February and opening the borders to immunized travelers right away; with this strategy, the nation chose to take a risk to save a crucial sector of the nations economy.

Half of the European countries tape-recorded a negative or fixed variation: the worst efficiencies were taped in Greece, where searches decreased by 1.8 million (-17%); in Croatia, where searches decreased by -1.2 million (-39%); and Turkey where searches decreased by 628,000 (-7%).


Turkey has actually also invested greatly in the healing of tourist and, like Greece, decided to relax constraints to attract tourists. Despite the intensifying health scenario in Turkey, the primary cause of the collapse in demand was not COVID, but a series of ravaging fires that damaged Turkeys most popular beach locations.

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