October 5, 2022

5 Ways to Prevent Negative Guest Reviews and Boost Your Online Reputation

Nobody likes unfavorable evaluations, and even less if it is online for everyone to read. Luckily, there are ways to prevent them! Here listed below, we describe five ideas for you to prevent negative guest evaluations and boost your online track record:

1. Deal Enough On-Site Communication Touchpoints
One method to avoid negative guest evaluations is to handle issues while your visitors are still on the residential or commercial property. Via an in-stay survey, for example, you can sign in with your visitors on how their stay is going. You still have the time to fix them and avoid your guests leaving unhappy if any problems are reported.
Another method of avoiding negative visitor reviews is by opening different lines of interaction, so your visitors can quickly contact you when they want to report something. A terrific method to do so is by means of visitor messaging. Let your visitors reach out to you through their preferred messaging channels, instead of making them queue at the front desk.
2. Follow-up on Issues Quickly

To avoid unfavorable guest evaluations, a proactive attitude is essential. Ask and be offered at every step, so you can fix issues prior to your visitor shares their disappointment online. Such an undaunted technique can even improve positive evaluations, and as a result, your online credibility. As a hotelier, we shouldnt be scared of unfavorable guest reviews however utilize that feedback to grow and improve.
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Developing various channels of contact is just half the battle, what will make the distinction is then how you follow up on those demands and problems. When a visitor reports something, they anticipate a fast reaction. Make sure you have the essential systems in place to follow up rapidly and correctly.
An automated case management system can really set you apart here. You lose the risk of a demand failing the cracks due to a lack of communication. By establishing standardized procedures, you guarantee every problem is dealt with in a correct manner, and by adding escalation guidelines which will inform higher management about past due cases, you likewise motivate a prompt follow-up.
3. Motivate Guests to Leave a Review
Asking for visitors to leave a favorable review can feel a little uncomfortable, but when a guest comes near your staff to provide unsolicited favorable feedback, guarantee your staff is trained to personally encourage the guest to then leave a favorable online review.
Another way is by getting involved in an evaluation collection program, like the ones from TripAdvisor, Google, or HolidayCheck. In this manner, after completing the study, they will be triggered with an evaluation solicitation kind. Often, they are currently pre-filled with some reactions of an evaluation, making it easier for your visitor to publish it.
4. A Great Guest Experience Prevents a Negative Guest Review

In the end, an unfavorable visitor review originates from an unfavorable experience. Put the guest experience at the heart of your operations, so your guests are living a impressive and memorable guest experience, one they will want to share openly.
This already starts before the guest checks, so make sure you exist, offered to ravel any friction at every stage of the visitor journey.
5. Listen to Guest Feedback
Part of providing favorable guest experiences comes from listening to guest feedback and using the essential improvements. Guests needs and expectations are constantly changing, and so should your operations and service. However, it is not constantly simple to understand what direction they are altering, for which your guest feedback is essential.
This guest feedback can be collected from evaluations, both unfavorable and favorable, however likewise visitor complete satisfaction studies. These will permit you to dig much deeper into any issues to understand what the origin is and how to enhance. As the guest experience keeps improving, so will your online reviews.

Here below, we lay out five tips for you to prevent unfavorable visitor reviews and enhance your online credibility:

One way to avoid negative visitor reviews is to deal with problems while your visitors are still on the residential or commercial property. Another way of avoiding unfavorable visitor reviews is by opening different lines of interaction, so your visitors can easily get in touch with you when they desire to report something. Part of delivering favorable visitor experiences comes from listening to visitor feedback and using the required improvements. To avoid unfavorable visitor evaluations, a proactive mindset is key.

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