November 27, 2022

Metasearch Engines: 3 Frequent (Hidden) Mistakes to Avoid

Increasingly more hotels have been purchasing Metasearch Engines over the last few years and, particularly, Google Hotel Ads.

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Regardless of the MSE though, this behavioural modification in potential customers scheduling journey likewise expose hotels to subtle problems and risks that might be tough to spot, yet can lower the performance or the quality of the information gathered through these Search Engines.

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In spite of their harmfulness though, these errors are all fast fixes. In this article Ill be guiding through them all, why its essential to solve them and, naturally, how to solve them.

UTM Parameters: know where the traffic originates from.

Lets begin.

Heres the risk:

UTMs (Urchin Tracking Module) are criteria that can be utilized in any given URL and whose worths will be tracked in Google Analytics.

There are 5 UTM criteria:


When not in the URL, Google will try to check out get this details from the referral the link is originating from. Nevertheless, frequently identity of the referral is not so explicit, for that reason Google doesnt know what worth should be respectively for Source and Medium, leading to a big spike in ( direct)/ (none) worths.

The excellent practice to follow is very simple: use UTM specifications for any link pointing to your website from other websites, consisting of Metasearch Engine sites.

Pretty self explanatory, arent they? And for example, utm_source will inform whats the source of traffic and utm_medium will inform whats the medium used to navigate the site. More importantly: 1) you choose their worths and 2) no need to use all UTMs, many times even just source and medium are sufficient.

In your Google My Business profile, under the Info area, rather of this:

Site link in Google My Business with no UTMs.

You might desire this:

Source/Medium report in Google Analytics.

If you are questioning how to compose deep relate to the right syntax and prevent mistakes, Google itself has a UTM contractor tool that does that in no time: just plug in the worths you want, and the last link will automatically be created for you.

Finally, this is how the above deep link will look like in your Source/Medium report in Google Analytics.

Car generate deep relate to UTM values.

With UTMs.

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