May 20, 2022

On This Day in Space! Oct. 23, 2007: Space station’s Harmony module launches on STS-120

On October 23, 2007, the area shuttle bus Discovery launched the Harmony module to the International Space Station.The Harmony module is an energy center 14 feet large and 24 feet long, or about the length of a minibus. The Italian-built Harmony linking node and its PMA-2 shuttle docking port hang off the end of the International Space Stations robotic arm throughout a Nov. 14, 2007 move by the Expedition 16 crew (Image credit: NASA) When astronauts provided Harmony to the space station, they left it momentarily attached to the Unity node. After the shuttle left, astronauts used the space stations robotic arm to move the shuttle docking port out of the method at the Destiny module.

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