June 19, 2024

Can You Get Bad Reviews Removed from TripAdvisor?

Lots of hoteliers question how they can get negative reviews removed from TripAdvisor.

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Receiving unfavorable evaluations can be bad news for GMs and owners. TripAdvisor will not get rid of unfavorable reviews just since they paint a bad picture of the hotel. Reviews need to breach specific guidelines for TripAdvisor to eliminate them.

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What Gets a Review Removed?

Profane, Vulgar, or Intolerant Language

Inaccurate Listing.

Irrelevant Information

TripAdvisor desires travelers to share their own experiences, not anybody elses. If a review appears to be copied, plagiarized, or unoriginal in any way, TripAdvisor will take it down.

Evaluations need to have to do with experiences that the reviewer had. Evaluations containing second-hand information or reports (” My sis stayed here, and she stated there were bugs!”), violate the standards and will be removed..

Old Stays.

Often negative reviews are posted as a kind of blackmail against the hotel. Right away following the danger of blackmail, you should inform TripAdvisor following these steps to get the evaluation taken down.

Reviews need to be from within a year of a guests stay. You must report any evaluation you suspect were discussed an experience from over a year earlier. Its a great idea to search your booking system to discover proof to submit to TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor needs that reviews are family-friendly. Any evaluation that discusses the customer taking part in illegal or illicit activities breaks the guidelines.

Other TripAdvisor users can also report that a review breaches guidelines. There is a flag icon on every evaluation that any TripAdvisor user can click. As soon as reported, somebody from TripAdvisor will review the report.

Any evaluation which contains content indicated to promote a service or product is not enabled in the review section.

There are times when hotels get reviews for other companies not related to their hotel, like a connected restaurant or health spa. TripAdvisor will take down any evaluations that appear on the wrong listing.


Not Original.

Follow these actions to report a review you believe breaks the guidelines:.

Someone from TripAdvisor will read your report and choose if the review broke their guidelines. You need to hear back within 3-5 company days.

Reports or Second-Hand Information.

Sometimes individuals try to ask concerns to other travelers or the owner. These belong in the different questions section. Other unimportant remarks include content that promotes intolerance or a boycott/smear project of the residential or commercial property..


TripAdvisor only wants authentic evaluations. Evaluations composed by an ex-employee or neighboring competitor trying to decrease ball game breach the standards. On the other hand, do not try to acquire favorable evaluations utilizing people you know. When TripAdvisor captures you, your home will face consequences..

Go to the Business Management Center at http://tripadvisor.com/ownersUnder the Reviews tab on the top, click Report a ReviewSelect the reason for the issue with the review in addition to the title of the reviewLeave your comment discussing why the review violates the guidelinesClick submit.

How to Report a TripAdvisor Review.


The length of time Does it Take to Remove a Review on TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor processes over 10,000 evaluations per day. The quantity of time it takes for their staff to examine reports depends on their work.

TripAdvisor wont eliminate unfavorable reviews just since they paint a bad picture of the hotel. Reviews must violate particular standards for TripAdvisor to remove them.

The finest action to take when you observe a bad review is to react to it. Responding is practical to both the customer and other travelers checking out the evaluation. To find out more on how to manage unhappy guests, have a look at our post on reacting to unfavorable reviews on TripAdvisor.

Other TripAdvisor users can also report that an evaluation breaches guidelines. There is a flag icon on every review that any TripAdvisor user can click. As soon as reported, someone from TripAdvisor will examine the report.

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