April 13, 2024

Top 3 Restaurant Trends for 2022 (and what they mean for employers)


It is that time of year once again: everybody puts out their forecasts for next years most popular dining establishment trends. Numerous of these pattern predictions leave out one of the most important elements of a dining establishment: the staff. Here are our predictions for how the leading 3 trends will affect dining establishment work in 2022:
Full-Service Restaurants Step Aside
To-go orders expanded in 2021, and all signs point to that continuing next year. Fewer restaurants getting in restaurants suggests front-of-house employing requirements will slow down. Instead, companies will require to focus more on staffing back-of-house to handle the increase in off-premises orders. Restaurants that recognize the expense of doing service with third-party delivery apps may begin to employ their own delivery motorists.
This will also fan the flames of another pattern: Ghost Kitchens. Dining establishments facing physical restrictions require a method to stay up to date with to-go orders without hurting on-premise service. Ghost kitchens enable dining establishments to move those orders to a 2nd area without opening a 2nd complete place.
Restaurant Technology Takes Over Hourly Work
Dining establishment technology has actually grown in the last 2 years and will continue to do so in 2022. This is mostly to attend to the shift in cleanliness and service expectations from COVID. Most of those options likewise offer a way for companies to operate with a scarcity of per hour workers. Self-serve kiosks and mobile ordering apps will decrease the requirement for front-of-house personnel, specifically in the growing fast-casual market.
In a more extreme however less typical scenario, some restaurants have actually invested in robotics that can manage basic line cooking. Those roles that do remain will require to be flexible enough to repair any technical concerns that develop. As automation takes control of lots of roles, tipping structures might start to move as well.
Consumers Demand Wellness
When selecting food, numerous surveys and reports show that customers are positioning more significance on health. The restaurant industry will not only need to customize their menus to resolve this but also their workers skillsets. Management must have the ability to adjust materials to show the preference change, specifically considering that fresh, healthy foods tend to have shorter service life. Staff members require to understand special dietary needs given that gluten-free eating and paleo diets are still popular.
Discover Adaptable Restaurant Leadership
Restaurants need adaptable leaders to assist groups through altering trends. Experienced restaurant recruiters like the ones at Horizon Hospitality can find the talent to assist your restaurant stay up to date with changes. Contact us to find out how.

It is that time of year once again: everyone puts out their predictions for next years hottest dining establishment trends. Many of these pattern forecasts leave out one of the most crucial aspects of a restaurant: the staff. Here are our predictions for how the top 3 trends will affect restaurant work in 2022:
Dining establishments require versatile leaders to guide groups through changing trends. Experienced dining establishment recruiters like the ones at Horizon Hospitality can find the skill to assist your dining establishment keep up with modifications.