October 2, 2023

Leveraging Your Hotel Guest App to Maximize Revenue Streams

After many months of low occupancy, its now important for hoteliers to take full advantage of the revenue from every booking by promoting and making unique offerings and services quickly available for visitors.

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Utilizing a visitor app for core checkpoints such as check-in, checkout, payment, and mobile secrets, it likewise has the capability to become your hotel staffs # 1 marketing and sales channel, increasing both sales and visitor complete satisfaction without creating any extra costs.

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Heres how your hotel can take advantage of your visitor app for marketing and sales functions by using in-app notifications, promos, and a digitalized hotel compendium.

Versatile Launch of Promotions and deals

Without the aid from an external marketing agency, the front desk personnel, or internal marketing can quickly launch promos and deals in the hotel visitor app themselves. The guest app lets you see every opportunity in no time without requiring anyadditional resources or help from a marketing expert.

Offers Matching the Phase of the Stay

With in-app alerts, i.e., notices sent out inside the visitor app to its users you can send time-specific offers customized to satisfy the specific phase of the guests stay. Before the arrival, an alert aboutavailable add-ons such as breakfast or late checkout can be communicated to the visitor straight at a hassle-free time. As the deals associate with the guests current frame of mind, they naturally also become more intriguing and pertinent= more sales for the hotel.

Hotel Compendium Accessible from Anywhere

Fed up with spending time and cash on printed products that expire in no time? With a guest app, you can keep all hotel details in one place AND easily upgrade the material as things get or alter out of date. Often asked concerns such as the WIFI password can be displayed in the forefront of the app, taking the pressure off your personnel, and decreasing the variety of calls to the front desk. Extra information such as an area guide or a map of the surroundings can likewise be incorporated in the app, ultimately boosting the visitor experience.

Always Keeping Guests in the Loop

Sometimes small emergency situations take place, or planned maintenance is essential. By merely notifying visitors ahead of time through a friendly reminder and by interacting updated information in the visitor app you can prevent it affecting visitor fulfillment and hotel reviews. Why not make up for the inconvenience by providing an additional bargain on health club treatments or a discount rate in the dining establishment in the app that day?

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Without the aid from an external marketing company, the front desk staff, or in-house marketing can easily introduce promotions and offers in the hotel guest app themselves. With in-app alerts, i.e., notifications sent inside the visitor app to its users you can send out time-specific offers tailored to satisfy the particular stage of the visitors stay. With a visitor app, you can keep all hotel information in one location AND easily update the material as things get or alter out of date. By just notifying guests in advance through a friendly reminder and by communicating up-to-date details in the guest app you can prevent it impacting visitor complete satisfaction and hotel reviews.