March 5, 2024

Video: actress Rebel Wilson welcomes back visitors to Fiji

Tourist Fiji CEO, Brent Hill, stated the destination was delighted to have Wilson onboard to front the campaign.

” But even more than the landscape, I enjoy Fiji the most for its individuals. Everyone greets you with a smile and a bula, the warmth and hospitality of everyone I satisfied is something I will constantly keep in mind.

” Were so happy to release this project, featuring the fantastic Rebel Wilson,” he said. “What an enjoyment it was working with somebody so gifted, and who truly welcomed everything Fiji has to do with– from our natural charm, to our people and our local artists, producers and skill.

” I had the very best time shooting this campaign, there really is absolutely nothing like the white sand and clear waters of Fiji. It is truly awesome,” she said.


Australian starlet Rebel Wilson is headlining a new project for Tourism Fiji, following the countrys opening for quarantine-free travel for fully-vaccinated Australians.

” We are delighted to once again lastly have the ability to welcome our visitors back from around the world to the coasts of Fiji– it has been a very long time coming.

” When scheduling your holiday, search for the CFC logo design,” he stated.

” Safety has actually obviously been critical as we have been planning Fijis re-opening, so we have a variety of systems in location that intend to secure both visitors and our neighborhood. Welcome home to Fiji!”.

Bringing the idea of the locations Open for Happiness brand to life, Wilson includes in Tourism Fijis campaign that sees the starlet get away the stress of Hollywood life to glamorously wash up on Fijis beautiful coasts.

Hill said when travellers arrive in Fiji, they can holiday securely and take pleasure in the best of Fiji understanding that when staying with Care Fiji Committed companies, everyone you interact with will be totally vaccinated.

To guarantee your security and the security of the Fijian community, he said an unfavorable PCR test is required by visitors within 72 hours of departure, together with an obligatory Rapid COVID-19 test at your Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) resort 48 hours after your arrival in our islands.

” When somebody asks you whether you desire to check out Fiji– there is really only one response isnt there? Its one of the most beautiful locations on the planet,” she said.

Growing up in Australia, Wilson said she has very fond memories of visiting Fiji as a kid, so was happy to return as an adult to shoot the Open for Happiness campaign..

” Fiji truly is open for joy,” Wilson stated.

Welcomed with a friendly Bula (Fijian for hi), she then starts an experience to experience all that the idyllic islands need to offer.

” Fiji is truly Open for Happiness, and this was such an unique project for us to make, in Fiji.