May 20, 2024

Intro to Email Marketing For Hotels and Why Your Hotel Needs It

Email marketing for hotels is not a “nice to have” anymore, its a requirement.

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If your hotel is not sending regular email communications to your existing, future, and past guests: you are losing out on an essential marketing stream. If youre not already convinced, here are some eye-opening stats: 70 percent of customers prefer companies reach out via e-mail over any other channel.

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As a sales tool, studies show it is the most reliable channel to support and convert leads. 8 out of 10 people open welcome e-mails.

What is e-mail marketing for hotels?

You may currently be sending a basic booking confirmation e-mail. Email marketing is so much more than that. It is the bigger practice of using that message, and others like it, to cultivate a stronger relationship with a customer. You ought to send emails that cover the full visitor journey, from prior to they arrive to after they leave your property.

Email is a course to making your hotel stand out. Utilized properly, it can drive more profits from each reservation. For example, sharing add-on services in your reservation confirmation will make a guest mindful of those additional services. Even if they dont choose to purchase them through that particular e-mail link, theyre now most likely to include them on as soon as they get here.

As a very fundamental definition: email marketing is the tactical usage of e-mail communications to promote your hotel.

Why hotels require email marketing

Brand awareness

Not every email will create revenue! You are not going to convert customers with every message. However, sending regular email interactions keeps your property or brand in your clients mind. Theyre most likely to book with you once again or advise your residential or commercial property to a good friend.

If you have the resources, a regular newsletter can place you as a real local professional. Send details about local events, seasonal tourist attractions, and so on. No matter what youre sending out, email marketing for hotels is key to constructing brand name awareness.

If youre still brand-new to email marketing and unsure what to send, here are 10 hotel email examples you should be sending out.

From a high-level strategic point of view, e-mail marketing is valuable to hotels because it complements all of your on-property efforts. It can and should complement all your other digital marketing efforts across direct and indirect channels.

Usage email marketing to improve …

Client engagement and loyalty

Similar to general brand name awareness, email is an essential channel to enhance your customer relationships. Email marketing lets you boost the visitor experience throughout their journey with you.

Its not almost sending visitors more methods to invest cash at your residential or commercial property (though naturally, that is a big part of it)! Email marketing must span the full cycle of a guest stay. The visitor journey ought to be backed by email: reserving verification, pre-stay emails, a welcome notification, and a post-stay survey.

Maintain the discussion with your guests with routine residential or commercial property updates! This will go a long way to improving general loyalty, whether you have a devoted commitment program.

General customer satisfaction

Email is likewise the perfect channel for requesting feedback, in addition to motivating evaluations on third-party channels. Share your listings on Google or TripAdvisor to motivate pleased visitors to leave glowing reviews.

Email marketing will improve general consumer joy. Sending automated emails prior to their stay also has actually the added advantage of letting customers understand that you can be reached by means of email. Put a reminder to share any requests in the verification so they know to email you.

Starting with e-mail marketing

A hotel-specific e-mail marketing system integrates into your home management system, which practically none of the non-hospitality email systems can do. This combination is important to setting off emails throughout the visitor journey, based upon particular actions in your PMS.

Email marketing for hotels begins with the ideal technology. All of the emails mentioned above are very important. There are many e-mail automation solutions for all sort of marketing, but we highly recommend investing in a hotel-specific option.

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Email marketing should cover the full cycle of a guest stay. The visitor journey must be backed by e-mail: reserving verification, pre-stay e-mails, a welcome notification, and a post-stay study.

No matter what youre sending out, email marketing for hotels is crucial to developing brand name awareness.

Sending out automated e-mails prior to their stay also has the added benefit of letting clients understand that you can be reached via e-mail. Email marketing for hotels starts with the ideal innovation.