June 19, 2024

The Brain Inside Out: Mapping the Nervous System’s Wiring

LIVE SymposiumFriday, February 25, 20221:00 – 4:00 PM Eastern TimeRegister NowThe relationship between anatomy and function has motivated scientists to tediously map private neuronal connections in the brain. Integrating powerful computational algorithms with innovative serial electron microscopy, researchers have embarked on a herculean job to map every connection in various animal brains.In this virtual seminar brought to you by The Scientist, an expert panel will discuss their efforts to chart billions of neuronal connections, which supplies unequaled insights into neuronal cell biology, signal processing, and behavior.Symposium program1:10 PM– Jeff Lichtman, MD, PhD1:35 PM– Rui Xu, PhD2:00 PM — Brad Hulse, PhD2:25 PM– Julie Harris, PhD2:50 PM– Flavie Bidel, PhD3:15 PM– Open panel Q&A sessionRegister NowMeet the speakersJeff Lichtman, MD, PhDProfessorMolecular and Cellular BiologyCenter for Brain ScienceHarvard UniversityRui Xu, PhDResearch ScientistBrain and Cognitive SciencesMcGovern Institute for Brain ResearchMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyBrad Hulse, PhDResearch ScientistJanelia Research CampusJulie Harris, PhDExecutive DirectorPreclinical BiologyCajal NeuroscienceFlavie Bidel, PhDResearch AssociateEcology, Evolution, and BehaviorUniversity of Minnesota Symposium Sponsor