October 5, 2022

Water on Mars may have flowed for a billion years longer than thought

The more youthful a region is, the fewer craters it need to have, with modifications for elements such as a planets environment, enabling scientists to estimate its age.The new results press forward the presence of water on Mars from 3 billion years ago to as little as 2 billion years ago, based on the observations, which might have ramifications for life on Mars and more broadly, the planets geological history.” Related: Scientists area water ice under the Grand Canyon of MarsAn artists illustration of NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in orbit around the Red Planet. Her supervisor and co-author is Bethany Ehlmann, a planetary researcher at the exact same institution.Scientists have carried out various studies in current years to evaluate the extent of flowing water on Mars, both up close through surface area objectives and using orbital information.

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