September 28, 2022

Russian Space Agency Tweets Bizarre Video Showing Russian Modules Detaching From International Space Station

International Space Station as seen from Space Shuttle Discovery throughout STS-119. Credit: NASA
The world is on high alert due to the fact that of the unfolding crisis between Ukraine and Russia. In the midst of all this, there have actually likewise been concerns about the toll it might take on international efforts in area.
The International Space Station (ISS) is made possible through the cooperative efforts and funding of its taking part area companies– NASA (U.S.), Roscosmos (Russia), the ESA (Europe), the CSA (Canada), and JAXA (Japan). As such, it was rather curious when Russian state media business RIA Novosti published a video online that revealed Russian cosmonauts loading up and separating the Russian segment from the ISS. Whether this represents a forecast or a danger, the message is clear: cooperation in space might be the next casualty of this war!

Russian gov t-controlled RIA Novosti @rianru posted a video on Telegram made by @Roscosmos where cosmonauts bid farewell to Mark Vande Hei on #ISS, leave, and after that the Russian sector separates from the rest of ISS. @Rogozin is clearly threatening the ISS program. #NASA #Ukraine

— NASA Watch (@NASAWatch) March 5, 2022

This triggered an action from Scott Kelly, the well-known NASA astronaut who invested over a year aboard the ISS as part of the NASA Twins Study. On March 6th, Kelly responded (in Russian), tweeting: “Dimon, without those flags and the forex they generate, your space program will not deserve a damn. Maybe you can discover a task at McDonalds if McDonalds still exists in Russia.”.
This barb referenced how the international junk food conglomerate just recently decided to suspend operations in Russia (in addition to Coca-Cola and Starbucks). Kelly took things up a notch, reposting a hostile tweet that Rogozin appeared to have published madly, then erased. The row ended with Kelly triumphantly posting the notification that Rogozin had obstructed him. Worldwide of social media, I believe this is what is called “check and mate!”.
At this point, its difficult to anticipate how this unfolding dispute will end or how it will impact the ISS and other space programs. For over 20 years, the ISS has actually been a sign of cooperation in between the countries and their particular area programs. In 2014, relations were likewise strained in between Russia and the west since of the situation of Crimea (where Russian forces annexed the peninsula in response to the ouster of then-pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych).
Despite that, Russian declared in 2015 that its modules would remain with the ISS up until 2024. At present, lots of still hope Russia can be persuaded to preserve that commitment till its planned decommission date of 2030. Given, the ISS has never ever been above politics or disagreements in between its member countries. Still, in the middle of all the death and destruction occurring right now, it is tragic to see that the dispute might likewise overflow into space!
Initially released on Universe Today.

The International Space Station (ISS) is made possible through the cooperative efforts and funding of its participating area agencies– NASA (U.S.), Roscosmos (Russia), the ESA (Europe), the CSA (Canada), and JAXA (Japan). On March 6th, Kelly responded (in Russian), tweeting: “Dimon, without those flags and the foreign exchange they bring in, your space program will not be worth a damn. At this juncture, its impossible to forecast how this unfolding conflict will end or how it will impact the ISS and other space programs. For over 20 years, the ISS has actually been a sign of cooperation between the countries and their respective area programs. Still, amidst all the death and destruction happening right now, it is tragic to see that the conflict could likewise spill over into area!

These include (but are not limited to) revealing that Russia will no longer service Russian-made engines used to introduce American satellites. Soon after U.S. President Joe Biden revealed sanctions intended at Russias aerospace market, Rogozin released a series of hostile tweets. In one, published on Feb. 24th, he reached to say that without Roscosmos, the ISS might fall on Europe:.
” Europe? There is likewise the alternative of dropping a 500-ton structure to India and China. Do you desire to threaten them with such a prospect? The ISS does not fly over Russia, so all the threats are yours. Are you prepared for them? Gentlemen, when preparing sanctions, examine those who create them for disease.”.
On February 27th, while arguing with a user who voiced criticism of his support for Putin and the intrusion of Ukraine, he tweeted: “Reading the news feed, you see what persistent hatred the West has for Russia, and how every Russophobe is attempting to disrupt the “typical cause” with a personal contribution of his own s *** and poison.”.
It was the video he posted on March 2nd that appeared to have the greatest impact. In this video, service technicians at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan are shown taping over the American and Japanese flag decals on a Russian rocket, with the caption: “The launchers at Baikonur decided that without the flags of some nations, our rocket would look more gorgeous.”.

The video appeared on Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging platform that was previously limited in Russia (it was officially unblocked in June 2020). The video is tagged with RIA Novostis logo design and shows cosmonauts getting in the Russian section of the ISS, sealing the hatches behind them, and stating farewell to NASA astronaut Col. Mark T. Vande Hei, the Flight Engineer for Expedition 64 and 65 (Oct. 2020 to Oct. 2021).
The video then shows the Russian sector– comprised of the Zarya, Zvesta, and Nauka modules– separating from the station (that includes real video footage and CGI-animation) and video of objective controllers at the RKA Mission Control Centre in Moscow watch and applaud. The video concludes with the disclaimer: “This is based on unreal occasions.” To put it simply, the video consists of spliced video footage depicting something that hasnt really occurred (just in case that wasnt clear!).
This video appears to be the current salvo in a continuous war of words in between Russian sources and astronauts on social networks. On the very same day that NASA Watch retweeted the video, Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin tweeted the following declaration:.
” The blame for the collapse of cooperation in area pushes the shoulders of the United States, Britain, France and Germany. These nations destroyed what was produced by humanity with such difficulty, what was developed by the blood and sweat of those people who mastered area.”.
This echoed statements he made in an interview with Russian state tv (the clip was included in the tweet). It was likewise mirrored by multiple declarations and actions taken by Rogozin in recent weeks, all of which appeared to demonstrate how Russia could hold or threaten up operations aboard the ISS. Everything began with Rogozin tweeting his assistance for Russias invasion of Ukraine and threatening to stop working together on the ISS.

Стартовики на Байконуре решили, что без флагов некоторых стран наша ракета будет краше выглядеть.
— РОГОЗИН (@Rogozin) March 2, 2022.

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