February 26, 2024

The Key to Success for Small Hotel Businesses Moving Forward

We reside in a changing world. There is no use in denying it. Burying your head in the sand just makes it that far more challenging to move forward as a small hotel business. The entire travel and hospitality market went from shattering records to hardly eking out a presence. To adjust to our “new normal”, small hotels will need to alter and embrace brand-new technologies how they do things.
A Technology-Empowered Future
There have been industry-wide problems in the past, such as disease outbreaks and global obstacles like the Great Recession that made little hotel services and big companies alike reconsider their strategies. In all cases, the travel and hospitality industry has actually ultimately come back from the verge.
More thoughtful travel is one of them, with customers paying more attention to the number of human interactions required to do what they need to do, such as inspecting into their hotel room. New innovations are currently paving the method to make that possible, such as:

Contactless Payment Solutions: These have been on the marketplace for lots of years, but theyve now come into their own, thanks to COVID-19. With contactless payment services, your small hotel can accept and process customer payments via credit card, debit card, and other forms without the visitor ever needing to stand at the front desk, and without any requirement to deal with the physical card.
Keyless Entry: Gone are the days when customers had to use physical keys and even key cards to acquire access to their spaces. Keyless entry systems connect into smartphone technology and allow guests to unlock their doors without needing to turn a secret and place, or swipe/tap a card.
Streamlined Communications: With the travel market in flux, consumers demand brand-new ways to interact with the organizations they buy from. Today, even small hotel organizations must have the ability to simplify bookings, modifications, and cancellations to appointments, and that requires more than just a phone system.

In all these circumstances, digital technology is the enabler, moving services forward to a brighter future.
The Importance of Mobile Apps vs. Traditional Desktop Systems
A quick look at the pre-pandemic hotel operations process reveals lots of locations where face-to-face interaction is needed. Mobile technology is paving the way towards a “no-touch” future that will offer customers with the health and wellness safeguards they have come to expect.
Heres the traditional process a customer need to go through to book a room at your home:

They need to initially end up being mindful of your small hotel service, which suggests direct exposure to your brand in some way. Today, thats frequently digital– social media, Google searches, and so on.
They must explore your property, which implies access to a website with virtual room tours (or top quality images at the very least), info about amenities and rates, and more.
They need to reserve their stay, which normally implies communicating with front-desk personnel or using a calendar tool constructed into your site.
On arrival, they must go to the front desk. There, they should stand in line or wait in a lobby with multiple other people. They must then communicate closely with the front desk personnel, check-in, be handed their keys/keycards, and then lastly go to their room.
At their space, they should swipe or tap their key to get in the space.
During their stay, they will connect with other members of your team– housekeeping for towels, toiletries, and sundries; the front desk personnel and/or concierge, and other members of your group.

All of it amounts to a terrific offer of physical contact and threat. A mobile PMS can drastically reduce your visitors threat level while improving benefit and enhancing the visitor experience. For circumstances, heres how that very same procedure would look with a mobile PMS in place:

The visitor finds out of your home and chooses to reserve a space, which they can do through a mobile phone app. They can even pay for the space at the time of reservation.
When they reach the property, the smart mobile PMS acknowledges them and they can go directly to their space without needing to deal with the front desk personnel or deal with a keycard.
During their stay, guests can access their app for anything they require, including details about other services, nearby tourist attractions, access concierge services, and more, all without having in person interaction with your team.

When, these abilities would have appeared like science fiction. Today, theyre a reality. New technologies, such as facial recognition, mobile wallets, and digital room keys are not just offered, however consumers are now acquainted with these capabilities and are starting to expect them.
Beyond Improving the Guest Experience
A mobile PMS for your little hotel organization offers a significant way to improve the guest experience while speaking straight to their health and wellness concerns. Nevertheless, the benefits are not simply for your guests. This innovation can enhance the hotel management procedure.
With a mobile PMS, stakeholders can access the PMS from another location and make choices faster. With the ideal mobile PMS, you can manage complicated processes, such as changing and setting seasonal rates rack rates.
There is a catch, though. You should pick the right mobile PMS for your small hotel.
The Hotelogix Mobile Hotel App Can Handle Your Complete Guest Cycle
Developed with simpleness, ease of use, and both the guest and personnel experience in mind, the Hotelogix mobile PMS app delivers critical capabilities. Its all set to handle your total visitor cycle, from reserving to their stay to the check-out procedure. With our mobile app, you can:

Burying your head in the sand just makes it that much more difficult to move forward as a little hotel organization. To adjust to our “new normal”, little hotels will require to adopt brand-new innovations and alter how they do things.
More thoughtful travel is one of them, with consumers paying more attention to the number of human interactions required to do what they need to do, such as examining into their hotel room. A mobile PMS can drastically decrease your visitors danger level while enhancing convenience and enhancing the visitor experience. A mobile PMS for your small hotel organization offers a significant method to improve the guest experience while speaking straight to their health and wellness issues.

At Hotelogix, our objective is easy: to empower you to offer your visitors the very best experience possible. Our digital-first position also suggests that were well-positioned to assist your small hotel emerge from COVID-19 prepared to take its location in our changed world. We understand your visitors expectations, from fewer in-person interactions to streamlined procedures, and weve built those capabilities right into our mobile PMS app.
Do not take our word for it. Sign up for a totally free 15-day trial and see how well Hotelogix fits your residential or commercial propertys needs and guest expectations.

Get rid of long lines at check-in by scanning IDs and processing everything in mere seconds.
Accept payments and procedure costs rapidly and easily.
Manage all front desk jobs, from developing bookings to modifying them anytime and anywhere all from a mobile phone.
Accelerate and enhance housekeeping operations through alerting staff of room statuses and ultimately making rooms readily available to visitors quicker.
Accept payments through the mobile POS, consisting of automating invoicing, taking room orders, and more.