November 27, 2022

11 Hotel Marketing Trends To Increase Bookings in 2022

Influencer MarketingUsing influencers to promote hotels is one of the hospitality marketing patterns which is growing exponentially. If you are wondering what that is, influencer marketing is using a celeb, a public figure, or someone well-known on social media to promote your hotel online and offline.With millions of travel influencers emerging day-by-day, hotels have a large option to choose from. Idea Leadership MarketingThe term may sound elegant, however it is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can implement at your hotel or as a hotelier. Hiring blog writers and expert authors to produce quality material for hotels with correct SEO optimisation are evergreen marketing trends in the hospitality industry.6. Co-working spaces in hotels have become the most current pattern in the hospitality industry.Its high time for hoteliers to focus on this marketing technique, and open their doors to invite regional guests to their property.

On 4th October 2021, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook went on blackout for 7 hours straight. This was the 1st time when these platforms were down for a prolonged duration. However, that didnt stop netizens from taking a dig at this circumstance. Millions of users required to Twitter, expressing their views, rage, and trolling Mark Zukerberg. What astonished me was how marketers utilized this opportunity to promote their items. Here are some posts that make certain to make you laugh, but also force you to value the imagination of the material creators. Perfect time for a coffee break.– Starbucks Coffee (@Starbucks) October 4, 2021 Hey! If anyone is tired now and seeking to get a task. Were still up and running.— New Ford Tech (@NewFordTech) October 4, 2021 Hey Twitter, with FB and IG down we realized that we mustve invested more time tweeting with you. Making lemonade with those people was nothing compared to our time together. Possibly one day, if you d desire to, we can chill on your sofa with a Mikes Hard Lemonade. Take care.— Mikes Hard Canada (@MikesHardCanada) October 4, 2021 @Facebook @instagram @WhatsApp if you require any aid, IDF tech assistance is active and always prepared to aid!– Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) October 4, 2021 يلا كنتاكي ؟ تطبيقنا شغاااال اطلب الآن! KFC anybody? Order now, our app is working– KFC Arabia (@kfcarabia) October 4, 2021 You see, how easily something becomes a pattern, which in turn creates an opportunity for marketing professionals. Keeping that in mind, I considered composing a blog about hotel marketing trends which you should know in 2022. Keep a note pad ready and write down the marketing trends of the hospitality market to draw in guests to your property in 2022. Development of Hotel Marketing TechniquesThe starting of the hospitality industry dates back to 1600 BCE. Thats too old. If I d start on that, it d take me hours to talk about it. Thus, I will discuss the history of contemporary hospitality which takes into consideration the last 100 years (1919-2019). Throughout this duration, hotels invested in numerous standard marketing strategies to bring in guests. In the early 90s, when the internet became an around the world taboo, the hospitality industry saw a chance that altered the way visitors approached hotels. In 1995, Holiday Inn and Choice hotels ended up being the first-ever hospitality establishments to assist in online booking. Ever since, different residential or commercial properties took the online path to promote themselves to their visitors. With this, online marketers began checking out various online options for reaching out to their target market. And as we see, today, there are gazillion ways for marketing experts to promote hotels among visitors such as WhatsApp, social networks platforms, OTAs, loyalty programs, and whatnot.However, one can not stick to a single method of marketing; as the world is growing at a fast pace, brand-new marketing tools are emerging in the market every now and then.So, let me tell you what are some of the hotel marketing trends you need to be knowledgeable about. Most Current Hotel Marketing Trends For You To Adopt in 2022After doing a substantial research and understanding almost thousand strategies, I have actually shortlisted 11 hotel marketing patterns for 2022, which if carried out correctly can do marvels for your property. So, without beating around the bush, let me inform you what those are.1. Brand marketingIn this digital period, obtaining identified as a brand is an essential to bring in a significant audience. For that, you require to invest in particular actions, such as constructing a brand website, developing guest loyalty programs, and investing majorly in brand awareness. The end objective ought to be driving your sales and attracting the audience at your home just by your hotels name.Hotel chains like Marriott, Taj Hotels & & Resorts, and Le Meridien are ideal examples of hospitality brand names.2. Customised MarketingAlso referred to as individually marketing, this strategy involves curating campaigns to promote your hospitality service among visitors separately. This technique is one of the hotel marketing patterns to keep an eye out for in 2022. Customised marketing is done by leveraging guests data, evaluating it, and producing a targeted advertisement that would highlight the specific persons preferences. For example, youve a guest with celiac disease (can not consume food items with gluten). So, while you are promoting your hotel to him, stress the food part. Showcase the gluten-free dishes from your menu.This sort of marketing will increase your sales amongst guests trying to find hotels with a specific choice. 3. Influencer MarketingUsing influencers to promote hotels is among the hospitality marketing patterns which is growing greatly. It is one of the most adopted strategies presently. If you are questioning what that is, influencer marketing is using a celeb, a public figure, or somebody widely known on social media to promote your hotel online and offline.With millions of travel influencers emerging day-by-day, hotels have a huge choice to pick from. Nevertheless, when it concerns choosing the suitable one, numerous hoteliers face a predicament. Due to the fact that of various mistaken beliefs revolving around influencer marketing, thats. If you are likewise stuck with this issue, heres a blog that can help you out. How to pick the best influencer for promoting your home? 4. Thought Leadership MarketingThe term may sound expensive, but it is one of the most reliable marketing methods you can carry out at your hotel or as a hotelier. Idea leadership has to do with sharing ideas, views, and viewpoints that reveal you have the knowledge and proficiency from your domain.Although some people confuse it with influencer marketing, it is way various. Since an influencer can be from any field with large appeal amongst the global audience. That does not indicate s/he has the all-round understanding. Thats a whole different story, so lets keep it for some other day.Rather, let me assist you comprehend this with an example.For circumstances, you have been operating in the hospitality industry for the previous 15 years. Which means, you must be conscious of issues faced by hoteliers, trending marketing strategies, and huge knowledge of hotel operations.So, you can end up being an idea leader by using your experience for the higher good of individuals. All you require to do is share your insights and opinions with the audience through blogs, posts, podcasts, PR, or newsletters.Once individuals start connecting with your posts and implementing your concepts, youll end up being a popular idea leader. And this will indirectly assist in promo of your hotel also. 5. Content MarketingWe all have actually heard that “material is king”. However let me rephrase this declaration for you, “precise and ideal material is the emperor”. Considering that the time hotels started constructing their websites, purchasing quality content turned into one of the major hospitality marketing trends. And with bloggers in the picture, this strategy got more popularity. Working with blog writers and expert writers to produce quality material for hotels with correct SEO optimisation are evergreen marketing trends in the hospitality industry.6. Visual MarketingWhile we discuss material, videos and images can not be left. They are a crucial part of material marketing. As they state “you think in what you see”. This applies completely to visual marketing. Lets comprehend it with an example. Im sure you d access the gallery area to search the residential or commercial propertys images and videos if you search for a hotel online. If they are of high quality and seem attractive, you d instantly choose them.However, if the same are blurred, out of focus, or are of low dimensions, you make sure to avoid that residential or commercial property, even if its way better in truth. This is exactly where visual marketing enters the picture. By utilizing HD videos and high-resolution photographs (of every nook and corner of your residential or commercial property) you can gather guests attention. Additionally, visual marketing plays an essential function in multichannel marketing. Whats that? Dont worry Ive explained the same in the next point. 7. Multichannel MarketingAs the name suggests, multichannel marketing is promoting your hotel throughout various platforms. This includes social media platforms, OTAs, and meta online search engine. These platforms have actually acquired a lot of traction in the last decade and still stand as the most adopted marketing trends in the hospitality industry. The reason is the ease of scheduling a hotel and the accessibility of different choices on a single platform. Given that guests decide from leading 10 to 15 results just, hoteliers require to be on their toes to be because list. There are different platforms that cater to particular hospitality services only. Take Airbnb for example. It deals only in trip rentals and homestays. For this reason, visitors looking for these kinds of homes prefer reserving them on Airbnb.Although these channels have particular commissions imposed on every reservation, they supply terrific company to hoteliers. Thats why multichannel marketing was, is, and will constantly be a trend in the hospitality industry.8. Local MarketingOne thing that many hoteliers neglect is concentrating on regional guests. As a matter of reality, in India, most of hotels focused on outstation guests only for a long time. Nevertheless, after Covid-19, the scenario has actually changed. Many individuals choose to remain in hotels in their region, to experience elegant services and take a break from their routine. In truth, co-working areas in hotels have actually ended up being the current trend in the hospitality industry.Its about time for hoteliers to focus on this marketing strategy, and open their doors to welcome regional guests to their property. Believe me this is among the hospitality marketing trends of 2021 that would be advantageous even in 2022.9. Automated MarketingSince we are speaking about the hotel marketing patterns, how can I forget automation. Synthetic intelligence (AI) has actually certainly made guests in addition to hoteliers lives quite easier. Chatbots on hotel sites are the finest example of AI application in the hospitality industry. Be it directing visitors on sites through the reservation process and during their stay, keeping guests records, or updating rates, they help in each and everything.In reality, some of these chatbots are utilized for customised marketing. With the help of machine learning and nostalgic analysis to understand visitor habits, these chatbots can upselling and increasing hotels revenue. You ought to choose this method right NOW. Why?Because AI is the future of hospitality and belongs of one of the most recent marketing trends in the hotel market. And if you are fighting with it, heres a blog site that is a one-stop option to all your questions. Hotel Chatbots: The Ultimate JARVIS for Hospitality Industry10. Mobile MarketingIn my last blog, Ive pointed out how smart devices have ended up being more than simply a source of interaction. Almost every market has actually produced applications to get maximum earnings and make customers lives easier.Hotels too saw a taste of success by promoting bookings through mobile apps. Although there are various 3rd party apps that helped in increasing business, hoteleliers didnt mind it as they saw an influx of bookings.Moreover, it became convenient for guests to reserve a hotel at go. I indicate they dont require a PC or laptop computer to look for a hotel and reserve it. They might do it in just 3 steps: Open the hotel-booking app on phones, search and pick the right property, and book it. This convenience and ease led to exponential development in mobile reservations. According to infographics shared by PhocusWire,85% of tourists around the globe use mobile phones to book hotels.Considering this large figure, it might be stated that promoting reservations through mobiles is a marketing pattern in the hospitality industry that every hotelier MUST purchase. 11. Flywheel MarketingAs fascinating as the name sounds, flywheel marketing has actually been practiced in the hospitality market even prior to the internet came into existence. Wondering how?A generic sales cycle is focused on offering the item to a customer, which is carried out in 3 steps: Lead generationConverting it into prospectClosureMoreover, the follow-up cycle in such sales concentrates on selling the product or getting the customer on board. On the other hand, flywheel marketing stresses the journey of the guests. It includes engaging the guest from the first day to post-checkout. Also, unique attention is provided to the friction which results in losing the prospects. Once recognized, those mistakes are removed. Heres the flywheel marketing cycle for your reference. Flywheel Marketing CycleAlthough being a conventional approach, this is still one of the efficient marketing trends in the hospitality industry and is adopted by numerous experts to turn their visitors into referrals. ConclusionHotel marketing has evolved throughout the years. And still, we can see every day a new pattern is up on the web which becomes a marketing tool. Following every trend may not offer you desired results. You need to be careful and extremely specific while choosing the best technique for promoting your property. To make the job simpler, Ive assembled and presented all the hotel marketing trends that can be beneficial for you. Read them all in this blog, shortlist the ones you want to go with and be prepared to attract visitors in 2022..

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