April 2, 2023

NASA Issues Update on Lucy Spacecraft and Its Solar Array Problem

October 23, 2021

The spacecraft continues to travel along its expected trajectory– track its course online.

NASAs Lucy spacecraft deploying its solar ranges. Credit: NASAs Goddard Space Flight
Lucy Spacecraft Healthy as NASA Continues Solar Array Assessments
NASAs Lucy spacecraft successfully transitioned to travel mode on October 20, which is the standard configuration for flight. The following day, the instrument pointing platform was released after briefly being held off earlier in the week. Both occasions were regular and raised no concerns. The spacecraft remains steady, power positive, with all other subsystems working, with the exception of one solar range.
The Lucy team is working to comprehend the existing state of the array before trying to finish release. NASA is reviewing spacecraft data, consisting of utilizing techniques to measure just how much electrical current is produced by the variety throughout different spacecraft positions and mindsets. This will permit the group to understand how close the array is to the latched position. These strategies are well within the capabilities of the system and position no risk. Any prepare for re-deployment will be considered after completing this latest evaluation.