December 5, 2023

Pioneering New Cell Treatment Could Combat Aging

A global team of researchers have determined a brand-new method for clearing senescent cells, which might change treatments for aging and associated conditions.
Health scientists based at the University of Leicester worked together with researchers from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Spain, Cross River University of Technology in Nigeria, Umm Al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia, and pharmaceutical company Abzena to develop targeted clearance of senescent cells using a pioneering antibody treatment.

Cellular senescence is a permanent phenomenon that takes place when the natural process of cellular division stops in human tissue. It is thought to contribute to the development of aging itself, as well as various aging-related illness, consisting of Alzheimers illness, type 2 diabetes, and different cancers.
It is known that, in lab specimens, clearing senescent cells from tissues slows age-related degeneration and lengthens life-span. The obstacle is to find a method to do this in people.
Researchers have now devised a new technique for removing accumulations of these senescent cells, utilizing antibodies as smart bombs created to acknowledge and eliminate them. A so-called antibody-drug conjugate (an antibody loaded with a drug) was developed versus a membrane marker of senescent cells, previously described by the authors, and was shown to be reliable at specifically eliminate them.
Dr. Salvador Macip, Associate Professor and head of the Mechanisms of Cancer and Ageing Laboratory at the University of Leicester and matching author for the research study, said: “Senolytics are a brand-new class of drugs with excellent potential to ameliorate aging.
” However, the ones we have actually found so far are quite unspecific and hence might have strong adverse effects. That is why there is much interest in a 2nd generation of drugs, the targeted senolytics, which need to eliminate senescent cells without affecting the rest.
” Copying an idea currently in use in cancer therapies, we fine-tuned an antibody so it might recognize these cells and deliver a toxic freight particularly into them.”
The outcomes of this proof-of-concept study will now be used as the basis for more studies of targeted treatments of senescence, which could represent a substantial enhancement in the treatment of aging disorders.
Recommendation: “Targeted clearance of senescent cells using an antibody-drug conjugate versus a particular membrane marker” by Marta Poblocka, Akang Leonard Bassey, Victoria M. Smith, Marta Falcicchio, Ana Sousa Manso, Mohammad Althubiti, XiaoBo Sheng, Andrew Kyle, Ruth Barber, Mark Frigerio and Salvador Macip, 13 October 2021, Scientific Reports.DOI: 10.1038/ s41598-021-99852-2.