June 16, 2024

On This Day in Space! Nov. 2, 2000: Expedition 1 arrives at the International Space Station

On Nov. 2, 2000, the International Space Station welcomed its first long-lasting locals: NASA astronaut Bill Shepherd and 2 Russian cosmonauts, Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev. The mission was called Expedition 1. A model of Mars 1, a Mars flyby spacecraft introduced to the Red Planet by the Soviet Union on Nov. 1, 1962. (Image credit: NASA) Before this exploration, NASA had actually introduced 5, one-week-long Space Shuttle objectives to help construct the area station and bring up products. This time, the team would be remaining for four and a half months, and they werent taking the shuttle bus. Instead, they took a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and this was the very first Soyuz to ever dock at the spaceport station. Throughout their remain at the space station, they unloaded products and installed new devices, including the very first solar arrays. They left on the area shuttle bus Discovery, which raised the Expedition 2 crew that would take their place.Catch up on our entire “On This Day In Space” series on YouTube with this playlist. On This Day in Space Archive! Still insufficient area? Do not forget to take a look at our Space Image of the Day, and on the weekends our Best Space Photos and Top Space News Stories of the week. Email Hanneke Weitering at [email protected] or follow her @hannekescience. Follow us @Spacedotcom and on Facebook..