September 30, 2023

Latest Research on Violent Video Games Finds No Link to Real-Life Violence

Dr. Agne Suziedelyte, author of the study Is it just a video game? In the light of these clashing claims, President Obama called in 2013 for more government funding for research on video games and violence.

Debate on the subject generally heightens after mass public shootings, with some commentators linking these violent acts to the perpetrators interests in violent video games.
However, others have explained that different factors, such as psychological health concerns and/or simple access to guns, are more most likely descriptions.
Dr. Agne Suziedelyte, author of the research study Is it only a video game? Computer game and violence published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & & Organization
. In the light of these conflicting claims, President Obama contacted 2013 for more government financing for research study on video games and violence.
However prior to federal governments introduce any policies restricting access to violent video games, it is essential to establish whether violent computer game do indeed make gamers act violently in the genuine world.
Research Study by Dr. Agne Suziedelyte, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics at City, University of London, provides evidence of the results of violent video game releases on childrens violent habits utilizing data from the US.
Dr. Suziedelyte analyzed the impacts of violent computer game on two kinds of violence: hostility against other people, and destruction of things/property.
The study, released in the Journal of Economic Behavior & & Organization, concentrated on kids aged 8-18 years– the group more than likely to play violent computer game.
Dr. Suziedelyte used econometric methods that determine plausibly causal results of violent video games on violence, instead of just associations.
She found no evidence that violence versus other people increases after a new violent video game is launched. Parents reported, nevertheless, that children were most likely to destroy things after playing violent video games.
Dr. Suziedelyte said: “Taken together, these results recommend that violent video games might upset kids, but this agitation does not equate into violence versus other people– which is the type of violence which we appreciate many.
” A likely explanation for my results is that video game playing typically occurs in your home, where chances to participate in violence are lower. This incapacitation impact is particularly essential for violence-prone kids who might be especially drawn in to violent computer game.
” Therefore, policies that put constraints on video game sales to minors are unlikely to decrease violence.”
Reference: “Is it just a game? Computer game and violence” by Agne Suziedelyte, 4 June 2021, Journal of Economic Behavior & & Organization.DOI: 10.1016/ j.jebo.2021.05.014.

As the current Call of Duty video game is released today, research study reveals that violent computer game do not lead to increased violence.
Mass media and basic public frequently link violent computer game to real-life violence, although there is restricted proof to support the link.