September 28, 2022

The Changing Face of Hotel Technology and How Hotelogix Is Ahead of the Curve

In between masking, social distancing, the requirement for stepped-up hygiene and sanitization, and all the rest, things are beginning to change in terms of hotel guest technology, as well as innovation for hotel personnel. At Hotelogix, were placed at the leading edge of the industry and were intimately familiar with new technology in the hotel market. In this short article, well explore the most current in hotel innovation and what it suggests for you.
By now, you should be seeing a pattern with contemporary hotel visitor innovation. Touchless tech is just one of the methods that hotel guest innovation is changing.

Between masking, social distancing, the need for stepped-up hygiene and sanitization, and all the rest, things are starting to alter in terms of hotel guest innovation, as well as innovation for hotel personnel. At Hotelogix, were positioned at the forefront of the market and were totally familiar with new technology in the hotel industry.
Contactless Check-In and Check-Out
This specific trend should come as no surprise. It was currently growing before the arrival of COVID-19, and lots of high-end hotels were catering to guests that wanted this service through exclusive mobile apps that allowed them to inspect in from another location and go directly to their spaces, bypassing the front desk entirely.
Things have actually altered with the pattern, however theres still a shift towards contactless check-in and check-out. You can see this in many ways, consisting of the capability to process payments online, and the other is originating from mobile apps that can operate on smart devices and tablets. At Hotelogix, weve partnered with Xperium to make it possible for your guests to avoid the front desk entirely.
Obviously, our mobile app likewise makes things simpler. For example, front desk staff and home supervisors can use the app itself to deal with lots of things that when required access to a computer set up at the front desk. This ensures performance, while simultaneously decreasing the possibility for person-to-person interaction (and subsequent infection).
Its not just check-in. Contactless check-out is also a critical factor to consider because it allows your guests to skip standing in line to do little bit more than offer their name and kip down their space secrets. With Hotelogix and Xperium, guests can check out right from their mobile app and leave the room without having to stop at the front desk, thereby restricting person-to-person contact.
Keyless Room Entry
This is another kind of touchless tech thats been a long period of time coming. In reality, you can trace the development of the room key from old-style, metal secrets on keyrings to space cards to smart device apps. Today, guests no longer need to utilize an essential and they no longer even need to turn the door handle to enter the room.
With a mobile app, your visitors will check in through a remote front desk. The guest only requires to use their mobile phone to open the door.
Contactless Front Desk Training through Hotelogix ACE
Its not just visitors that touchless tech benefits. It can likewise enhance the lives of hotel workers.
How does A.C.E work? Its simple. The engine is connected into our cloud-based system and provides the ability for your employees to train and find out anytime, anywhere. All they need is a mobile phone and our app. They can visit, complete their training, and construct their skills and understanding base without even needing to be at the front desk (or the hotel, for that matter). Its that simple.
Contactless Payments
By now, you need to be seeing a pattern with contemporary hotel visitor innovation. Touchless tech is the guideline, instead of the exception, which uses to how and when visitors pay for their spaces, too. In the past, guests were just able to use their charge card to schedule the space and were then required to stand in line at the front desk, provide their card, and pay face to face.
COVID-19 got rid of that, and we enjoy to say bye-bye to the practice. Contactless payment is a lot easier and it decreases barriers for your guests, too. Its so much easier to permit your guests to book and then spend for their rooms through the Internet right through your site!
With Hotelogix software application and payment entrance, you can likewise offer tailored bundles, unique combo offers, and other purchase options to help personalize the guests experience. Theyre able to pay for all of them remotely, without ever requiring to hand a front desk employee their card or stand in line.
Web of Things
The Internet of Things (or IoT if you choose) has made inroads into customer houses and organizations all over the world. You can discover it exhibited in the hotel market in several methods, consisting of the remotely adjusted thermostats that can be set to immediately change after check-out or check-in, in addition to lights that automatically dim throughout daytime hours.
As IoT technology enhances and more and more customers become familiar with it, you can most likely look for other prospective integrations. Smart assistants like Alexa and Siri may make their hospitality industry debut and offer visitors the possibility to purchase room service, an on-demand movie, or set a consultation for the health spa all with their voice.
Hotelogix Software: Future Proofing Your Property
Touchless tech is simply among the manner ins which hotel visitor innovation is changing. Its not just guest-facing innovation, either. Hotels can gain from solutions like the Hotelogix PMS, which uses a detailed suite of digital residential or commercial property management tools, delivers important automation, and can assist enhance income.
With the right partner, you can remain ahead of the curve. At Hotelogix, were ready for whatever the future may give the market. Our devotion to innovation and developing functions and abilities to address emerging requirements makes sure that our clients will never need to stress over being left.
Prepared to future-proof your home? Its as easy as registering for a free trial of Hotelogix software. From B&B s to conventional hotels, we provide the tools and functions you require to contend in the modern hospitality market.

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