September 30, 2023

Easy Housekeeping and Restaurant Management with Hotelogix POS

Its obvious that managing the various aspects of your home can be quite difficult. Theres so much more to it than just running a structured front desk and keeping spaces clean. You should likewise compete with visitor expectations, trends in the industry, and still try to stabilize visitor experience with success. For too numerous homeowner, its a tightrope walk that threatens to send them over the edge. The great news is that contemporary tools like the Hotelogix POS can provide vital abilities and the flexibility that you need for success. From easy housekeeping to better restaurant management, our system uses ease of gain access to, customization abilities, and so a lot more.
Nail the Basics
Theres a particular baseline in terms of service that visitors expect when they remain at a hotel. These “fundamentals” must be gotten right from the extremely starting or you risk guest dissatisfaction and unfavorable evaluations. Too numerous of those will drive away potential guests, developing a snowball result.
With our POS, youre able to quickly nail the fundamentals so you can focus on going beyond expectations and creating positive evaluations. How does this work?
Our POS helps you keep track of whatever and connect it all not simply to a room number, but to a guests account. That uses simple billing for anything that might cost additional, making sure that not only are you able to deliver outstanding service, however improve profitability, also.
Which rooms are occupied? How do you deal with guest demands for additional sundries, towels, and the like?
With our system, its a breeze track which spaces need to be cleaned up, lock them out of inventory, handle upkeep, and generally ensure that youre constantly able to put your best foot forward.
Keeping Up with Trends
Another benefit of our POS is that it enables you to stay up to date with contemporary patterns. For circumstances, in-room dining has become a norm for workcations. Its also chosen by those who are concerned about health and health and prefer to dine in the convenience of their space (maskless) instead of in a potentially congested dining space.
Our POS makes restaurant management far easier. Theres more to it than simply enhancing restaurant reservation management and ensuring accuracy in billing for in-room dining. It can even assist ensure that youre able to accurately record extra restaurant-related services, from space service to managing reservations for the dining space.
For example, suppose you use supper to guests on a specific rate strategy. The Hotelogix POS instantly records additional services used in their right POS points. With that details, tracking the variety of dinners to be prepared, which rooms/guests get those suppers, and other associated elements ends up being simpler and much easier.
The dining establishment management POS can also streamline other elements of the process. Youre able to manage reservations and designate them to the proper POS points while associating internal or in-room dining with a room number for billing later on, or permit guests to pay their expense at the time of dining if they like.
Limitless POS Outlets
One sticking point for your visitors when it pertains to additional services, such as dining, city tours, and even airport shuttle service, is the obstacle included with spending for them. If your visitor should stand at the front desk and physically scan their card for whatever, it can significantly cut down on your sales and your visitor fulfillment. If your visitors should call the front desk and verbally license a charge on their card, the same applies.
The Hotelogix POS uses a considerably different experience thanks to endless POS outlets. Imagine the benefits and versatility youll enjoy with multiple POS outlets, along with the bump to efficiency and efficiency.
You can likewise expand our POS beyond the world of dining establishment booking management and tableside billing. Add POS abilities to your concierge desk to make billing and tracking easier with trip and travel-related services. Add a POS outlet to your medspa, your bar, the breakfast bar– any area of your hotel where making and tracking payments has generally been bothersome.
Simplify Restaurant Management
When you consider a POS, do you imagine a card reader and very little more? Youre not alone. Nevertheless, our dining establishment management platform is a lot more than simply a network of card readers within your property. Its an extension of your dining establishment organization management group.
With our assistance, you can improve dining establishment management in a variety of crucial methods, consisting of:

Adding/managing numerous menus
Adding/managing/changing specials
Add combinations and modifiers with ease
Streamline order customization for your visitors and your group
Accept and process special demands quickly
Handle food items/menus through structured shift management
Split guest costs by food type and quantity
Path charges to existing billings, new invoices, and more
Use the “resettlement” choice to change the bill even after a folio is settled

Accept Payments Online
Today, your visitors anticipate to be able to pay online. Offer your visitors the capability to pay online for virtually anything, including:

You should likewise contend with visitor expectations, patterns in the market, and still attempt to stabilize visitor experience with success. Theres a certain baseline in terms of service that guests expect when they remain at a hotel. One sticking point for your visitors when it comes to additional services, such as dining, city tours, or even airport shuttle bus service, is the challenge involved with paying for them. If your visitor needs to stand at the front desk and physically scan their card for whatever, it can considerably cut down on your sales and your guest satisfaction. The very same applies if your guests must call the front desk and verbally authorize a charge on their card.

Customize Guest Packages
Want to truly make your home stand out and deliver an experience that will stand out in your visitors minds? With our POS, thats no longer the case.
You can club spaces based on vacations, seasons, and more. Deal POS items as inclusions and enhance your upselling, customize deals on the fly, and personalize your visitors experiences with add-on services and other products that will have them excited to return in the future.
More Than a Housekeeping or Restaurant Management Platform
As you can see, our POS delivers important capabilities for simple housekeeping and better restaurant management. It has dramatic ramifications for your entire home, from the front desk and concierge desk to your health club, bar, and so much more. From automating manual jobs to enhancing openness in tracking extras and billing, the Hotelogix POS delivers vital abilities and advantages.
For hotels, it indicates a clearer view into metrics, much easier billing, and increased sales. For visitors, it suggests added convenience and simplicity. Hotelogix POS is a win-win.

In-room dining
Medspa treatments
Shuttle services
Bike/watersports equipment rental