September 30, 2022

Hotel Service – Become a Guide for Your Guests

The hotel market is more competitive today than ever previously.

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One choice is to offer a hotel service thats not available with your rivals. One of the better options is to develop regional guides that provide your visitors insight, information, and an assisting hand.

Youre significantly contending for the attention of the same visitors as every other hotel in the area. Discovering ways to grab that attention and after that keep it can be quite tough.

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With that being said, creating local guides can be more than a little difficult. You require to do more than simply slap together a printed list of things to do. Those can be found practically all over. Rather, you need to take things up a notch or more. Heres what you need to do.

Define Your Guest Persona

The response is to sector your audience so that you can simplify by demographics. You can begin deciding how to create a local guide for each section once you have different segments specified.

All of these people have various desires, needs, and expectations. You can not develop a single local guide and have it apply similarly to everybody. Some individuals will want family-friendly destinations.

The very first thing you require to do when producing regional guides is to specify your visitor personalities. You have visitors visiting your hotel for all types of factors. Some are people on getaway. Others are households taking a trip together. Youve got couples and songs, individuals on workcations, and digital wanderers taking pleasure in the versatility that remote work deals.

Select the Activities/Destinations Based on the Persona

The next action in creating local guides is to take the personas you simply defined and utilize them to determine what tourist attractions, locations, and activities to consist of in each guide. Theres no hard and fast rule here, however there are some general factors to consider to make:

● Business tourists, a group that consists of both people in workcations and those digital wanderers we mentioned earlier, may choose other destinations– those that can be fit into a workday, for instance.

The point is this: break down the destinations, places, and activities in the surrounding area and decide who may be interested in what. Utilize that to begin sorting everything. You will most likely have some overlap, especially when it pertains to restaurants, but thats appropriate. The point is to attempt to make each regional guide as specific as possible to the persona in concern.

● Families taking a trip together will more than most likely appreciate locations where everyone, including kids, can have fun. They will likewise be pleased of cost effective, family-style dining establishments, and all-ages events.

● Couples taking a trip together will have really different needs and wants. Some may wish to take a look at the local club scene, while others may take pleasure in checking out a local brewery or winery. Yet others may value gambling if its offered in your area.

Work with Local Business Owners and Operators

As a quick note, make sure to partner with regional organization owners and operators. This can permit you to use your visitors special discounts, and to develop bundles that arent readily available outside your property. Speak about a method to differentiate yourself!

Develop Your Guides

With your local guides developed, its time to put them to utilize as part of your hotel services! How do you do that? Its easy. You have three choices.

You can use your digital guides in a couple of methods. Second, you can utilize them in your e-mail marketing efforts as you get to know more about each visitor to encourage them to remain with you however also highlight everything there is to see and do in the area.

You can do this in two ways, and its suggested that you utilize both. Just save the last versions as digital documents like a PDF.

As soon as youve gotten your personas down and specified which tourist attractions, websites, activities, and places are best suited for each, its time to put everything together. Your local guides must look expert, with color images and properly formatted and arranged interiors.

Consider developing a master design for your guides so that you can easily slot activities and places into each category for the various personalities. For example, you might have an initial area, followed by particular sectors for dining and beverages, nightlife, events, and all the rest. You can just remove it if a classification does not apply to a specific guest persona.


You can (and ought to) likewise utilize your local guides at the front desk. Having a few of each type out and prepared for visitors to browse as they check-in or for your staff to distribute throughout the check-in procedure can be invaluable. Naturally, with many guests choosing remote check-in now, youll only wish to keep a few on hand at the front desk.

Front Desk

In the Room

Lastly, you should put your local guides in your spaces. If youve done your due diligence, you can make an educated guess about which guide will work for each guest, or you can play it safe and just include a copy of all the guides together with other crucial info.

Style Your Packages and Upsell

The last action is to bring everything full circle as part of your hotel services. We currently pointed out working with regional company owner and operators, and heres where that can be found in. Style packages that appeal to each guest section and then upsell them. Its an excellent method to add value, stick out in your visitors minds, and build much better success, while also benefiting the regional economy.

Ingenious Hotel Service Options Abound

With regional guides, you offer something of value, as well as the alternative to buy special packages to make visitor stays as remarkable as possible. Creating guest guide alternatives is simply one innovative hotel service.

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One of the better alternatives is to produce local guides that offer your visitors insight, details, and an assisting hand.

With that being stated, creating regional guides can be more than a little challenging. You can not produce a single local guide and have it apply equally to everybody. With your local guides produced, its time to put them to utilize as part of your hotel services! With local guides, you use something of worth, as well as the alternative to acquire distinct bundles to make guest stays as unforgettable as possible.

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