June 19, 2024

Slow Tourism: What It Is and How Hotels Are Adapting to This New Trend

We have actually been keeping a close eye on emerging travel trends, from bleisure and staycations to digital nomads and hotel coworking spaces.

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Today, we wished to dive into something new, that lately everyone has been discussing: Slow Tourism.

To be honest, Slow Tourism has actually constantly existed. As a repercussion of the Covid-19 break out and the resulting shift in travel expectations, the popularity of this alternative way of finding destinations has risen.

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What is sluggish tourism?

Slow tourist can be used across the whole guest stay– prior, throughout and even after the stay, representing a substantial chance for hotels to reshape their offering while providing back to the regional community. But, can any property make the most of it? Its a matter of comprehending whether by doing this of traveling matches the expectations of your target market and searching for creative methods to integrate this brand-new thinking into your hotel idea.

A study carried out by Allison Caffyn in 2012 specified slow tourism as a kind of taking a trip that focuses on the destinations environment and local neighborhood. Normally these are the guests who wish to experience more than just a hotel stay. Their desire is to get to understand the natural environments, local cuisine, sustainable practices, culture and customs, and some of the special qualities of their destination.

Not sure where to begin? Lets check out some innovative methods that other hotels are using to adapt to the Slow Tourism phenomenon.

1. Mixing in with the natural surroundings of Colombia

Hotel Playa Koralia

Taking advantage of its perfect place, Hotel Playa Koralia has actually truly handled to adapt to slow tourism by mixing harmoniously with its natural environments. But how?

Not restricting their offerings simply there, the hotel provides activities to connect deeply with the natural spots around the home. Forest walks and river cruises are some of the choices visitors have available to link deeply with the culture and environment.

Hotel Playa Koralias Instagram page

By organically promoting their facilities and services on Instagram, the brand name has had the ability to spread out the word throughout their 21k+ followers while keeping promotional costs down. They often mention how they operate utilizing sustainable practices and promoting a healthy lifestyle by using organic and plastic-free products. Who wouldnt desire to stay there?

2. Promoting change

Casa Manas website.

Casa Mana is a vacation home that right away transports you to the ideal sluggish living environment..

This personal home is situated on 4 hectares of environmentally certified land in the countryside of Mallorca, flanked by wheat fields and the magnificent Tramuntana mountains. They are committed to sustainable farming, which is the essence of the experience. All over you look and in every aspect of your house, you are surrounded by manmade difficult work.

They back their close relationship with the environment and mother nature which assists them spread their message of being an environment-friendly hotel. They likewise show a lot of elements related to local culture to reveal how the hotel offers their visitors the chance to discover more about this.

Every Saturday the owners post on their social media about the weekly ecological market they host, sharing the items that they grow with the entire neighborhood. By promoting these initiatives on social media and consisting of site promotions, the brand name has the ability to reach a greater audience and welcome more visitors to their website.

Casa Mana.

3. Using visitors unforgettable regional cultural experiences.

Generally these are the visitors who want to experience more than simply a hotel stay. Slow tourist can be applied across the whole visitor stay– prior, during or even after the stay, representing a considerable opportunity for hotels to reshape their offering while providing back to the local community. They also show a lot of elements related to local culture to show how the hotel provides their guests the chance to find out more about this. These 3 hotels are just some of the numerous examples out there who have invested in integrating Slow Travel into their hotel offerings. Catering to those tourists with a keen interest to have a deeper experience rather than just a normal stay, will be a fantastic way to increase appointments at your hotel and keep tenancy levels healthy.

These three hotels are just a few of the numerous examples out there who have actually invested in incorporating Slow Travel into their hotel offerings. This pattern is not going anywhere anytime quickly. Dealing with those travelers with an eager interest to have a deeper experience instead of simply a common stay, will be a great method to boost reservations at your hotel and keep tenancy levels healthy. And dont forget to promote these customized bundles and bespoke experiences on your hotel website to ensure you provide your direct channel that additional boost!

They have actually marketed these unique journeys with a captivating video that reveals the different locations visitors will be able to go to, in addition to their picked centers. These videos have actually been promoted across their social networks channels, reaching an audience of more than 440,000 travelers.

Whats more, to benefit from their trains, the brand name just recently announced 2 train routes across Europe. They allow guests to immerse themselves in the richness of European culture at a slower, more purposeful speed while enjoying the unique offerings the brand needs to share.

Among the worlds most legendary brand names in travel, Belmond, is revealing us how to take Slow Tourism to the next level. The brand name has a devoted page on their site where guests can literally construct their own special stay and experience. As soon as the visitor defines what he is searching for, exclusive experiences are showcased, from finding out to master the art of Peruvian pottery making to taking part in the Tak Bat dawn routine in Laos. Through these efforts, the brand has the ability to ensure that guests enjoy unforgettable experiences associated with regional culture during their trip.

Belmonds choice of personalized experiences.

Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

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