December 5, 2023

Sleeping sound at Sofitel Adelaide thanks to Sealy

This was a very lengthy negotiation which took control of six weeks to negotiate [and] after lots of backward and forward, we lastly arrived.

Youve simply completed providing luxury beds to Sofitel Adelaide. Tell us about how smooth the ordering procedure was for Sealy and the conversations with Accor on what the hotel was trying to find?

How was the production and delivery and installation procedure for Sealy?

Produced out of Sealys SA bedding plant, Sofitel was provided the My Sofitel bed mattress developed to Accor requirements. We likewise supplied them a base in a material to match the trim around the headboards in the rooms.

Setup was over a 6 week period throughout the months of August and September. When the hotel required them, we had started production of these pieces much earlier to make sure we had them ready. Setup was delayed a number of times due to delays in building.

We had to source this outside our regular fabric provider. It was a leather appearance material in Charcoal Grey. The material was fully checked by our Research and Development group in Brisbane to ensure it met all our standards for strength and resilience.

Sealy Australia National Commercial Accounts Manager, Antony Raiteri.

Our team found it rather challenging to bring out the installation while needing to not just wear complete building PPE (including steel cap safety boots, long sleeves, high vis and so on) however likewise needing to be completely masked up most of the time.

What can you inform us about the product that was ordered and the models installed.

We had started production of these pieces much earlier to make sure we had them all set when the hotel required them. It was a leather look fabric in Charcoal Grey. The fabric was completely tested by our Research and Development team in Brisbane to guarantee it met all our requirements for strength and resilience.