January 26, 2023

The best cities for flying a drone (and one you should definitely avoid)

Preparation your next vacation? Our guide to the best cities for flying a drone might assist you pick your next destination, as all of these locations combine plenty of drone-friendly locations with photographic views. Theyre perfect areas if youve got one of the finest drones loaded in your vacation bag and desire to make excellent usage of it. All places talked about in this short article remain in unlimited Class G airspace unless otherwise kept in mind. This suggests drone enthusiasts can run their drones without getting unique authorization– but do know that youll still need to comply with normal drone regulations.Looking for more drone guides? We also have articles on drone photography tips and techniques, together with a post on drone racing: everything you need to understand. But if its drone-friendly cities youre interested in, then read on.Best cities for flying a drone(Image credit: Getty Images)Philadelphia, PAThis former American capital has plenty to see. Start in Fairmount Park (part of which is shown above); a swathe of safeguarded plant split in two by the Schuylkill River. Follow the river south; just past the Please Touch Museum there is a vast complex of statues and monuments ripe for drone photography.Further south along the river, however still in Fairmount Park, is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, made popular by the renowned “actions” scene in Rocky. Stick around over the well manicured grounds and appealing architecture before leaving the Park by the southern end. You can take Vine Street east towards the Benjamin Franklin Bridge; the historical suspension bridge links Philadelphia with Camden, New Jersey. Technically you can keep your drone in flight as you stroll along Vine Street (it is Class G Airspace), but you need to stick to FAAs Operations Over People Rule which implies preventing flying over any large group or assemblage of individuals. It might be worth it to simply land your drone once you leave Fairmount Park and launch again near the Bridge. Shooting this landmark (especially at sunset) manages you sensational views not just of the bridge itself, however also gorgeous shots of the timeless Philly horizon. Just remember to examine your B4UFLY app before departure at the bridge to make sure that there are no short-lived advisories about flying around this landmark. (Image credit: Getty Images)Pittsburgh, PA All the very best drone available spots in this city seem to include river views. Found on the Allegheny River, Millvale Riverfront Park is a 1.7-mile strip of plant that is best for flying drones and recording images of the Washington Crossing Bridge. The Southside Riverfront Park along the Monongahela is one of the oldest parks in Pittsburgh; it pays for drone pilots views of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail system and the Birmingham Bridge.For something a little different, though, head throughout the Ohio River to Mount Washington and check out Point of View Park. This place includes spectacular and scenic views of the city (shown above), its horizon, and its river system that merely can not be beat. But do not just watch out throughout the river, make certain to get some shots of the Point of View bronze sculpture illustrating George Washington meeting with Seneca leader Guyasuta and the funicular that leads up the side of Mount Washington.(Image credit: Getty)Chicago, IL For this Midwestern metropolitan location start in the north and work your method south, but (depending on the time of day) there is nothing wrong with reversing this order.Begin at Montrose Avenue Beach near the Uptown neighborhood; its wide-open areas and shorelines produce terrific drone footage. Bear in mind the seasons, nevertheless, as Montrose is a migratory bird sanctuary which suggests competition for airspace gets tough throughout particular times of the year. From here move south to the popular Chicago Riverwalk. Located on the southern bank of the Chicago River, the Riverwalk supplies stunning views of downtown Chicago instantly identifiable from countless Hollywood movies.The next stop is Grant Park situated in the main business district. While the sweeping views of Lake Michigan are impressive, do not forget the Buckingham Fountain, one of the biggest fountains in the world. The fountain is just operational from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm May through October, however even when dry, it still provides a model to thrill any drone photographer.We end at Promontory Point– a man-made peninsula constructed of limestone. This 12-acre park provides extensive views of the Chicago horizon along with ample flying room to prevent travelers and other drones.(Image credit: Getty Images)Bar Harbor, ME A stunning seaside neighborhood adjacent to Acadia National Park may appear out of location on this list, but its combination of town appeal and natural appeal make it best for drone lovers. Regrettably drones are not permitted inside the park due to National Park Service guidelines, but there are a number of park-adjacent areas close by where the drone can fly and record photos of the natural landscape.As for the town itself, it is a charming collection of dining establishments and shops. At low tide you can take your drone over the Bar Island Land Bridge; this uncommon land structure connects the town to Bar Island, which uses some charming vistas of the coastline and the town. Simply bear in mind environments, after high tide you might be stuck on the island longer than you planned!(Image credit: Getty Images)Houston, TX The most populous city in the Lone Star State, Houston provides a surprising patchwork of drone-friendly areas. Due to city ordinances, nevertheless, you can only fly drones throughout daytime hours.Youll find the Kemah Boardwalk in southern Houston along the shores of Galveston Bay. Spread out over 60 acres and filled with eye-catching destinations, it bills itself as one of the most popular boardwalks in the nation. This makes it a location for drone flying– ensure to not just observe the FAAs guidelines about flying above individuals, but keep an eye on drone traffic as well. Next up is a journey to the Houston Zoo. Spanning 55 acres, the zoo houses over 6,000 animals from over 900 types. Unlike other zoos in the nation, you can in fact fly a drone over the park itself (albeit at an altitude of no lower than 50 feet). The zoo remains in regulated airspace, however, so ensure you get LAANC permission on your B4UFLY app before sending up your drone. For those craving shots of inviting architecture make certain to go to the Museum District, a collection of sculptures, museums, and memorials laid out over a 1.5 mile greenspace in Hermann Park. Worst city for flying a drone(Image credit: Getty Images)Washington, DC Washington, DC is dotted with landmarks and structures that are literally recognized around the globe. Its tempting to try and get a few shots of its unique combination of architecture with its world-renowned monoliths and memorials. You can not. All drone flights are prohibited within a 30-mile radius of Washingtons main airport which, in effect, guidelines out all leisure drone flights anywhere in the nationwide capital area. Even if youre tempted to press the limits and risk sneaking in one fast flight, we advise against it. To name a few distinctions, Washington has the best concentration of law enforcement and security agencies in the nation– that includes strong tracking of all airborne activity. This is one vacation where it is much better to leave the drone at home. Wherever you fly your drone, constantly err on the side of caution: examine all regional regulations and consult your B4UFLY app before launching. The objective is to have a good time and come away with remarkable pictures to impress and delight.

This implies drone enthusiasts can operate their drones without obtaining special authorization– but do be mindful that youll still have to abide by typical drone regulations.Looking for more drone guides? We also have posts on drone photography pointers and techniques, along with an article on drone racing: whatever you need to understand. Drones are not permitted inside the park due to National Park Service rules, however there are a number of park-adjacent areas nearby where the drone can fly and catch pictures of the natural landscape.As for the town itself, it is a charming collection of stores and restaurants. Due to city ordinances, nevertheless, you can only fly drones during daylight hours.Youll find the Kemah Boardwalk in southern Houston along the coasts of Galveston Bay. All drone flights are forbidden within a 30-mile radius of Washingtons primary airport which, in impact, rules out all recreational drone flights anywhere in the national capital location.

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