September 30, 2023

Understanding the Benefits of Hotel PMS and POS Integration

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The modern-day hotel works on software application. You use software application to schedule your staff members, track housekeeping supply use and stock, and examine guests into and out of the residential or commercial property. The issue is that when you have numerous software platforms that you should use every day, the procedure can become fragmented, lengthy, and frustrating. Theres great news. Your hotel PMS and POS combination can use significant benefits. What benefits might you find when you integrate a PMS and POS together? Well check out that in this post, along with what you ought to try to find in the very best POS software for your hotel.
What Is the Difference in between a PMS and POS?
Before we go too far, we ought to check out the differences in between a hotel POS and a PMS. While they sound comparable, the truth is that they are extremely different.
PMS– PMS means home management system. This is utilized for both front desk and back-office operations, such as handling housekeeping, making appointments for visitors, creating reports, and more. Generally, your PMS manages every single task associated to your residential or commercial property beyond offering spaces.
POS– POS represents point of sale and this system is responsible for managing all the sales on your home, such as dining establishment sales, health spa sales, and all the rest.
Why Integrate Your Hotel POS and PMS?
Now that we have a bit more information on what PMS and POS mean, we need to take on the obvious question of why you ought to bother integrating them in the very first location. Generally, these were standalone systems, so shouldnt they stay different?
In a word, no. Why not? All of it returns to what we pointed out at the start– it causes a fragmented experience, greater time usage, and difficulties linking the dots. Simply put, not incorporating your hotel POS system with your PMS is a major mistake that might be costing you a lot of time and money. It likewise implies that youre missing out on some key benefits.
Make Upselling Easier
Many hotels struggle to upsell things like food and beverage, health club services, trip options, and the like since their POS and PMS systems are different. By incorporating your hotel POS with the PMS, you make it much easier to upsell all these things to your guests as add-ons.
Simplify Billing on Checkout
How precise is the billing aspect of your checkout process? Chances are good that things slip through the fractures or that it takes a long time to examine guests out because of the need to incorporate add-ons and other charges to their stay. By incorporating your hotel POS with the PMS, you can make the most of crucial features like transfer-to-room and city ledger to make it simpler to costs visitors during checkout.
Offer Packages More Easily
Packages offer your visitors a great deal of value while offering an extra stream of earnings for your home. They can be challenging to handle without the right tools. By integrating a POS module into your hotel PMS, you have access to thorough monetary reports that supply you with the info needed to make offering plans much easier.
Selecting the Right Hotel POS System
While PMS/POS integration provides a lot of benefits, it is very important that you select the very best POS software for your needs. That can be challenging if youve never gone shopping around for this type of software application. The very best option is to compare your choices based on functions and abilities, but that requires understanding which functions are crucial.

Limitless POS Outlets– Look for a hotel POS system that can support unrestricted POS outlets so you can handle all the services at your property. This can consist of whatever from your dining establishment to minibars to the medspa and even your travel desk.
Direct Billing– In addition to endless POS outlets, make sure that the system you select offers direct billing to the guests room, to the guest themselves, or the business (when it comes to business travelers). With multiple options offered at the time of purchase, you never ever have to worry about a sale falling through the fractures.
Touchscreen Technology– The finest POS software application must be easy to use, but that goes beyond the design of the software application itself. You need to have access to a touchscreen that enables you to finish jobs much faster and navigate through the different features and functions with ease.
Cloud-Based– Youll discover that you have two options when it concerns hotel POS software application: on-premises software application and cloud-based software application. Cloud-based POS systems provide flexibility and ease of access, ensuring that any staff member with a mobile device can access the system.
Custom Deal Creation– Look for a hotel POS that permits you to develop customized deals and discount programs, and after that handle those programs easily. The POS must support automatic discount rate application when visitors are eligible for services supplied by any POS outlet, whether thats at your medspa, your dining establishment, or someplace else on the home.
Dining Establishment and Spa Management– The hotel POS that you pick should make it easier to handle your restaurant and medical spa by supporting several menus, menu personalization, and custom-made order processing for your guests to make sure that they get what they want each and every single time.

Well explore that in this post, as well as what you need to look for in the best POS software for your hotel.
In short, not incorporating your hotel POS system with your PMS is a major error that could be costing you a lot of time and cash. Many hotels battle to upsell things like food and drink, health spa services, trip choices, and the like due to the fact that their POS and PMS systems are separate. At Hotelogix, we use a feature-rich hotel POS and PMS system. Powerful and cloud-based, versatile, and customizable, our hotel management system with POS functionality makes sure that youre able to run a profitable hotel while providing an outstanding experience to your guests every single time.