June 16, 2024

Chinese space plane company targets suborbital tourism, point-to-point travel by 2025

The Chinese company Space Transportation is developing a “rocket with wings” for area tourism and point-to-point travel.” We are establishing a winged rocket for high-speed, point-to-point transport, which is lower in expense than rockets that carry satellites and faster than traditional airplane,” the company said in a current interview with Yicheng Times.The space airplane would aim to provide rapid transportation between 2 locations on Earth through suborbital travel and be totally reusable.Related: The newest news about Chinas area programSpace Transportations organized area aircraft will launch vertically, as revealed in this artists illustration. Space Transportation revealed last August that it had actually raised $46.3 million for its hypersonic space aircraft plans, and the company has recently been carrying out a number of tests of its Tianxing 1 and Tianxing 2 cars.