June 10, 2023

More Than 9,000 Tree Species Await Scientific Description

Those records were then utilized to approximate the number of unknown species using National Tsing Hua University statistician Anne Chao and associates environmental adaptation of the Good-Turing frequency estimate– an algorithm for finding unknowns based on unusual events established by codebreakers Irving Good and Alan Turing during the Second World War– reports The Guardian.The estimated number of tree types and individuals per continent in the GFBI databaseR. Since of that big proportion of uncommon species, the code yielded an estimate of 73,300 tree species on Earth, of which 9,200 or so have yet to be explained. “Tree types diversity is essential to preserving healthy, efficient forests, and crucial to the global economy and to nature,” he states, noting that “tree species are going extinct due to logging and environment change, and understanding the value of that variety needs us to understand what is there in the very first place prior to we lose it.”