May 18, 2024

Here CRISPR Kitty? Progress in Developing a Hypoallergenic Cat

Researchers at InBio (previously Indoor Biotechnologies), a biotech business in Virginia, report progress en route to developing a hypoallergenic cat– or a minimum of treating patients with allergic reactions to the domestic cat — in a brand-new post published online in The CRISPR Journal.
Journal devoted to outstanding research and commentary on all aspects of CRISPR and gene modifying research. Credit: Mary Ann Publications, Inc., publishers
In the new study, Nicole Brackett and colleagues at InBio performed a bioinformatics analysis of the Fel d 1 gene from 50 domestic felines to pinpoint saved coding areas suitable for CRISPR modifying. Further contrasts to genes in eight unique felid types exposed a high degree of variation, suggesting that Fel d 1 is excessive for cats.

By Genetic Modification News
March 28, 2022

“Our data indicate that Fel d 1 is both a rational and viable prospect for gene deletion, which may profoundly benefit feline allergy sufferers by getting rid of the significant irritant at the source,” the authors write. The study paves the method for further experiments exploring making use of CRISPR as a prospective genetic therapy to muzzle the release of feline irritants.
Reference: 28 March 2022, The CRISPR Journal.