March 22, 2023

DNA Analyses Illuminate Origins of Farming, Ancestral Languages

” This fits really well with archaeological information,” Barbara Horejs, a director at the Austrian Archaeological Institute who was not part of the team, tells Science.For more than a century, linguists have actually connected the origins of the Indo-European language family, from which most European and all Indian languages emerged, to the Bronze Age Yamnaya, reports Haaretz. According to Haaretz, the brand-new research study appears to verify that the Yamnaya arrived in the area after individuals in the area started speaking Indo-European languages.Because ancient Anatolians and Yamnaya share typical hunter-gatherer forefathers in the Caucasus Mountains, the researchers go on to posit that the most likely origin of the Indo-European languages is that area, possibly near modern-day Armenia, reports Science.Not everybody agrees with that evaluation. Guus Kroonen, a linguist at Leiden University, informs Science that individuals from the Caucasus were familiar with farming and most likely had an abundant farming vocabulary, while in contrast, the early roots of Indo-European languages have very few words related to farming.