June 16, 2024

How Much Halloween Candy Would Kill You? [Video]

We understand Halloween sweet isnt healthy, but how much would it require to eliminate you?
Halloween is nearly here, which implies costumes, frightening movies, and great deals of sweet. In this video, Reactions tackles this spooky hypothetical concern: how much Halloween sweet would eliminate you? Discover the response as we discuss the chemistry behind lethal dosages, sugar metabolic process, and candy corn. Trick-or-treaters, beware:

Video Transcript:

Halloween is practically here, which implies costumes, frightening movies, and lots of candy. In this video, Reactions tackles this scary theoretical question: how much Halloween candy would kill you? Find out the response as we explain the chemistry behind lethal dosages, sugar metabolism, and sweet corn. Its estimated that sweet sales this Halloween will reach upwards to $2.5 billion dollars in the US. At high sufficient doses, sugar can be toxic.

Its estimated that sweet sales this Halloween will reach upwards to $2.5 billion dollars in the US.– For 2022 it is approximated to be $3.1 billion.
In keeping within the bounds of this seasons spookiness– today were looking at how lots of pieces of Halloween sweet, when eaten in one sitting, can kill the typical individual.
It isnt called sweet if it isnt absolutely loaded with sugar.
The typical American consumes around 22 teaspoons of added sugar each day, although specialists recommend that men consume no more than 9 teaspoons, and for female, just 6. Obviously, all those included sugars havent come without a toll.
The National Institute of Health found that around 2/3rds of Americans are overweight, and while there are varying elements that add to this problem, sweet is most definitely putting its damage in it.
Table sugar, or sucrose, is a basic carbohydrate that is composed of 2 primary parts: Glucose and Fructose. Just like with High Fructose Corn Syrup, our bodies breaks this particle down into these separate parts.
Glucose travels through the liver and is readily distributed about the body as your cells can use it for energy. Fructose on the other hand stays in the liver– the only hardware in your body that can break it down into easier pieces.
The liver then converts around 50% of the fructose into glucose, almost 30% into lactate, and whatever stays gets stored as fat.
When you pack up your body with sugar, all that glucose cant be utilized simultaneously to power your cells so it ends up being converted and kept in cells called adipocytes, or fat cells.
You can see why all those included sugars end up having a prolonged stay right here (shows stomach).
Sweet can come with nuts and other deals with within, but lets concentrate on sugar for our theoretical death by gluttony.
As the old stating goes, “the dose makes the toxin.” At high enough dosages, sugar can be harmful. How much is too much?
Were going to need to take a look at the Oral LD50– the amount per kg that can effectively eliminate half of an animal test population such as rats (Show the LD50 for different points).
The LD50 of Sucrose is 29.7 grams per kilogram or 13.5 grams per pound. ONCE and it doesnt guarantee death– its simply what eliminates 50% of a population, the LD50 represents toxicity for things consumed ALL AT. And given that these numbers represent toxicity in rats, its possible that sugar might be more or less hazardous in humans.
Researchers frequently utilize approximations like these due to the fact that getting the deadly dosage of sugar or other substances in humans would be extremely dishonest, for obvious reasons.
If there is human testing for the LD50 for Nutella, SIGN ME UP.
The average individual in the US weighs around 180 pounds. That implies that in order to reach the LD50, they would have to consume around 2,440 grams of sugar– about 5.4 pounds!
But what does all this sugar mean in terms of a trick-or-treaters Halloween loot?
A typical piece of fun-size Halloween sweet packs 9.3 grams of sugar and runs you about 75 Calories. So in order to reach the LD50, the typical person would require to eat 262 pieces– nearly 20,000 Calories!
So how about in terms of a specific Halloween staple, candy corn?
A single piece consists of approximately 1.5 grams of sugar which would put our deadly dosage at 1,627 pieces. I might most likely do it.
Now you understand the numbers of a typical individual, but what about you?
Down in the video description theres an useful formula to figure out your deadly dose of both trick-or-treat sweet and sweet corn.
For those of you out there who wish to determine the oral LD50 for yourself fill out the variable “W” with your own weight in pounds:
( W * 13.5)/ 9.3 = PIECES OF FUN SIZED CANDY
( W * 13.5)/ 1.5 = PIECES OF CANDY CORN
Post your numbers down in the remarks, and have some enjoyable with it.
We here at Reactions love us some sweet, however look people, keep in good health and dont go overboard this year.
Ensure to check out this video on what happens when you consume too much, and while on the topic of death, heres another video on what would occur to your body if you did accidentally consume numerous hundred pieces of sweet.
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