September 29, 2023

Breaking Down Barriers: Cell Therapy for Solid Tumors 

This webinar will be hosted offered and live on-demandMonday, November 28, 2022 11:00 AM Eastern Time Cell therapies, particularly crafted T cells, are efficient treatments for blood cancers, but have actually restricted efficacy in solid tumors since of the immunosuppressive features of the growth microenvironment. Researchers are using insights about the systems of molecular and chromatin remodeling prior to and during T cell activation and fate decision to improve immunotherapies.In this webinar brought to you by The Scientist, Douglas Green will talk about how scientists utilize discoveries in T cell biology to establish effective CAR T cell treatments for strong tumors.Topics to be covered Molecular mechanisms promoting memory T cell fateStrategies to improve cancer immunotherapies Douglas R. Green, PhDChair, Department of Immunology Co-Leader, Cancer Biology ProgramSt. Jude Childrens Research HospitalSponsored by