October 2, 2023

9 of the world’s most beautiful and unique bookshops to thrill your eyes and your mind

Libraries are sanctuaries of knowledge and exploration, where individuals concern check out the world around them, find new worlds, and discover responses to concerns they didnt understand they wanted to ask. Libraries and bookshops are often beautiful places, with elaborate architecture and spectacular collections of books. Here are some of the best ones.

The book shop is in a central area in Porto, Portugals biggest city, flanked by stores left and right, and close to the Porto University Faculty of Sciences building. The design includes a forked staircase connecting a first-floor gallery, and over this staircase sits a large stained glass window.

The beyond the library.

Extremely, you can still go to the bookshop and search books on all floorings and its still really much an active shop, however as of 2015, you require to purchase a ticket to go to the bookshop. Still, its most absolutely worth it! From its rich history to the wine rack, the beautiful landscape and the atmosphere, Porto is a wonderful city– if you take place to visit it, dont miss out on out on Livraria Vello.

Moving halfway around the world to the capital of South Korea, Arc.N.Book is a true haven for book fans. Anybody can visit it easily and take a break from the bustling streets of Seoul, discovering refuge around countless books, much of which are arranged in an arc you can walk under.

The library prides itself as being a public area more than a store and strives to be an area where people can satisfy and bond over their love of books. Arc.N.Book includes a wide range of books on different subjects divided into numerous classifications. Its vintage look is complemented by an ancient-looking phone booth where you can scan for books. Nevertheless, the bookshop has significantly had a hard time in the pandemic and is dealing with closure.

The site was first established on the website in 1869, and after changing ownership a number of times, the Livraria Vello was finally developed in 1906. In one kind or another, the bookplace has been offering books for over 150 years.

The library is underground and in addition to thousands of books in both Korean and English, it sells a variety of magazines, souvenirs, and even some drinks you can take pleasure in while looking at books.

There are couple of better methods to spend your afternoon than browsing through a stunning choice of books, leaving daily life and immersing yourself in a brand-new world. If anything can make that even much better, its an unique bookstore experience.

Image credits: L.Filipe C.Sousa

Frequently hailed as the most stunning bookshop on the planet, the Livraria Vello is a beautiful, old-world bookstore that rests on the banks of the Douro River in Porto, Portugal.

Contents1 Livraria Vello, Porto, Portugal2 Arc.N.Book, Seoul, South Korea3 Cărturești Carusel, Bucharest, Romania4 El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina5 Bookshop Dominicanen in Maastricht, the Netherlands6 Book and Bed in Tokyo, Japan (Shinjuku) 7 The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, USA8 Zhongshuge in Hangzhou, China9 Atlantis Books in Oia, Greece
Livraria Vello, Porto, Portugal

Arc.N.Book, Seoul, South Korea

Cărturești Carusel, Bucharest, Romania

The building that houses the book shop was constructed as a bank in the beginning of the 20th century. After being a bank, it ended up being a basic shop, however after the fall of communism, fell under disrepair. In 2015, a major rehabilitation job started and led to the remediation of the stunning library as we see it today.

The bookshop has numerous floorings and sells classic books, along with more unconventional things like manga and board games. The collection of books is deserving of the architecture and design. The library likewise has a restaurant on the last floor and sometimes hosts artistic events.

The most recent bookshop on our list hails from the center of Bucharest, in Romania, and mixes contemporary architecture with a distinctly classic, cozy feeling.

The white columns complement with the wood floors to develop a sensational environment that blends in the old with the brand-new– an essential vision for this bookshop.

Image credits: Ondrej Bocek.

El Ateneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

While some would have most likely still chosen the structure to continue as a cinema and theater, you cant truly grumble when a bookshop looks this stunning.

The theater opened in 1919 and might host around 1,000 individuals and did host some noteworthy programs and motion pictures. In 2000, it became a book and music shop.

In spite of the changes that were made to accommodate the books in the bookshop, it still maintains the same feeling of splendour it had as a theater.

As the name indicates, this bookshop in the heart of Argentina was very first opened as a theater, and thats not tough to think from its style.

Image credits: Jeison Higuita.

Bookshop Dominicanen in Maastricht, the Netherlands

After seeing a bookshop in a theater, how about a bookshop in a church?

The location is big enough, however the smart usage of lighting and matching makes it appear a lot more imposing. Its practically as if youre entering a new universe, transcending into the world of books. Not everything is dark: some sections of the store are white, and here too, lighting and reflection make the entire thing even more impressive.

You basically get a bookstore you can stay in. There are over 4,000 books in the big room, but unlike other book places, where you buy the book, here you generally purchase time to spend with the books. Its generally a paid library and accommodation.

In addition to the currently popular book tunnel, the bookshop features imaginative displays and book sculptures which draw in a lot of visitors.

Well bring our list to a close with the most tranquil bookshop youll likely ever see. What, youve never ever bought books by the beautiful beach?

Its tough to find a modern-day bookshop thats more excellent than Zhongshuge. An oval reading space that incorporates large shelving units with contemporary lighting and reflections makes for a genuinely immersive experience.

There are a couple of various Book and Bed places in Tokyo, however the Shinjuku one has a distinctively comfortable ambiance that makes it without a doubt our favorite. Whether you desire to browse a few books before purchasing them, relaxing up with something excellent to read while exploring Tokyo, or merely attempt out a distinct type of accommodation, this is absolutely not a location to miss out on out on.

The bookshops name is likewise a nice little bit of wordplay: in a world where individuals read less and less books, and where online reading is taking over, this is still a haven for those who like good old-fashioned books.

Image credits: The Last Bookstore.

All bookshops are special, and from the small mom-and-pop stores to the big libraries with big collections, theyre very important. Still, theres no reason not to value the gorgeous bookshops and how, like books themselves, they too can transport us to different worlds.

In addition to the corridors and oval room, theres also a space for kids with special destinations, as well as, obviously, a lot of books on all sorts of subjects.

Zhongshuge in Hangzhou, China.

The Dominican church was developed in the 13th century, but stopped being a church 2 hundred years back and spent years with various, often strange functions. Between being a church and ending up being a library, it likewise served as a reptile house, a bicycle shed and a carnival temple– with lots of people from Maastricht apparently enjoying their first kiss at the town carnival in the church.

Books are often set up in an aesthetically pleasing way in the bookshop. Image credits: Tadson Bussey.

Image credits: Book and Bed.

It doesnt truly get much better than this if youre looking for a location that offers secondhand and new books. The Last Bookstore is Californias largest bookshop and aside from having an enviable collection, they also develop a lot of striking displays utilizing books.

Image through Wiki Commons.

Image credits: Shao Feng.

Image credits: Shao Feng.

The bookshop lies on the primary street of the town of Oia, in Santorini, an island in the Greek Aegean Sea. It was opened in 2004 by a group of adventurous young students from England, Cyprus, and the US. “We found an empty structure in Oia, consumed some bourbon, and signed a lease. We found a pet dog and a feline, opened a bank account, developed some racks and filled the location with books,” individuals who founded the bookshop recall. “We embraced a brand-new pet and a brand-new cat along the way. Some of us have actually married and had kids of our own, so were still laughing about how our kids will run the store at some point.”.

Book and Bed in Tokyo, Japan (Shinjuku).

Image credits: Book and Bed.

However nowadays, theres not much kissing going on in the church. The bookshop hosts a wide variety of books and likewise sells coffee and lunch. Its likewise a really active cultural space, hosting regular lectures, performances, and debates. Its also a popular traveler destination, drawing lots of travelers that arent even interested in books. For book fans, no doubt, the Bookshop Dominicanen is a holy location.

The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, USA.

The store is a maze of books in several languages (English, Greek, French, and Italian, to mention just a couple of). You can find everything from modern fiction to ancient poetry and approach. Sprayed along the lovely white walls of Oia in the midst of gorgeous surroundings, this bookshop is an oasis in and of itself. Oh, and do not be shocked if you still find a cat or 2 sleeping in between the books.

Libraries and bookshops are often stunning locations, with ornate architecture and spectacular collections of books. Incredibly, you can still visit the bookshop and search books on all floorings and its still really much an active store, but as of 2015, you require to purchase a ticket to visit the bookshop. The bookshop hosts a large range of books and also sells coffee and lunch. There are over 4,000 books in the big room, however unlike other book places, where you purchase the book, here you essentially purchase time to spend with the books. We discovered a pet dog and a cat, opened a bank account, developed some racks and filled the location with books,” the individuals who established the bookshop recall.

Image credits: Norbert Nagel.

Image credits: Shao Feng.

Purchasing a book and reading a book can be two really different pastimes, and anyone with a large stack of unread books knows this feeling. At the end of the day, books are books though, no matter where theyre bought.

Weve already seen numerous various bookshop settings, but Book and Bed brings something brand-new to the formula: its not only a bookshop however likewise a hostel.

Atlantis Books in Oia, Greece.

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