August 17, 2022

CarGain Canvas: Analytics that give you 360 degree control over your market

In the brand-new normal, competitive prices is everything– It could be the difference between a huge increase in sales or break your income forecast totally. Unless your item is competitively priced, it can cause possible income loss in terms of losing clients. Competitive prices is a double-edged sword, as cut-throat pricing in the quest for revenue can cause a decrease in running profits.
This puts prices and earnings supervisors in a hard spot, as they have to take carefully ascertained contact pricing. Doing this procedure manually is time-consuming, with countless rows of data to sieve through. With no signs of real-time need modifications and fleet usage data, the RMs can not establish which fleet type is more/less in demand.
As the profits managers are not knowledgeable about what bookings they have turning up, they tend to wind up prices incorrectly. This means that on days that the bookings are low, the rates could be on the greater side and underpriced when the reservations are high. As they are uninformed on the length of the rentals, they may be unable to enhance their fleets.
CarGain Canvas, RateGains many sought-after offering addresses these concerns with an intuitive analytics control panel.
Fixing the rates obstacle
Some of the challenges that earnings managers in the cars and truck industry face consist of:

Unprecedented need variations due to Covid Guidelines and constantly altering flight schedules
Absence of correct resources for analytics
Inability to successfully keep track of market changes
Acquisition of rival information in real-time
Lack of actionable services for large volumes of forecasted or historic information

As an integrated analytics service that supplies a 360-degree market view on pricing and other elements, Canvas assists earnings managers through unpredictable demand by determining prospective earnings loss, verifying market positions, and rectifying the rates method for every market. All these combined, help RMs unlock undiscovered streams of revenue in the new typical, therefore eliminating uncertainty.
CarGain Canvas is the first and currently the only such platform in the cars and truck rental industry which includes advanced yet user friendly filters that can assist examine both historical patterns and track market modifications instantly by keeping an eye on booking pace and tracking utilization to get a comprehensive, overarching view of the market.
Simplified control panel with sophisticated functions
With Canvas, you can save time by automating market position analysis using a single-screen dashboard that supplies granular level market insights. Numerous visualization formats are offered, consisting of historical patterns for best-performing criteria, all in an unified window for easy gain access to.
Naturally, due to the pandemic, historic data might not constantly be an ideal indication of future trends. Understanding this truth, Canvas utilizes causal analytics as the base to provide prices teams actions they ought to take based upon real-time market updates.
Identify– Verify– Rectify!
Using the CarGain Canvas is pretty basic. Prices and earnings supervisors can follow a three-pronged method to resolving their rates obstacles.
Up, the lucrative chances require to be identified by analyzing easily accessible rival information that includes hundreds of billions of rival rates.
Using the Filter tool, you can get granular level insights for numerous information categories such as Car Type, Competition Type, Location, LOR, and Mileage.
The Toggle tool lets you change views based upon Shop Name, Country, PoS, Payment, and Sources for faster and accurate analysis of market information.
With several cost difference visualization formats available to select from, you can group the information in the form of Calendars, Graphs, or Tabs.
When you have recognized the key data signs, you now need to confirm these triggers that impact need. With simply a click, you can access a tool called Pace Chart, which compares the present and previous efficiency of you and your rivals. Real-time insights relating to need catalysts, mode of travel, and other high-level service KPIs are easily viewable as Summary Snapshots in numerous formats for better comprehension and tracking.
Finally, Canvas helps rectify prices choices (up to 10 times faster than manual approaches) by never letting you miss a cost modification. Real-time signals notify you of any market changes or opportunities, therefore assisting you remain up-to-date with ever-changing trends in the post-covid world.
This is possible by using an engine that delivers super-fast analytics and creates insights of rental cost information arranging it with color-coding by delta or difference, as needed. The dashboard likewise provides fast access to the advancement of fares, assisting you rectify rates errors on the go. Most significantly, all the historic competitive cost intelligence information gets kept on our high-performance servers with unlimited gain access to and storage capacity.
Trustworthy technology that produces spectacular outcomes
Backed with advanced innovation such as Cloud Burst, BigQuery, and PUBSUB along with an internal information lake and automated information quality checks, you can be sure that the platform runs fine at any provided point of time, without needing to worry about loss of information or application downtime.
Canvas is a part of a cloud-based SaaS that you can access from any part of the world with a valid user id and password. A lot of web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari are natively supported, although we personally advise Google Chrome. Have a specific requirement? Get Canvas customized by our specialist group to obtain your goals.
If you are a revenue supervisor who wants to spearhead the development of your company with intelligent rates decisions, call us right now for a totally free CarGain Canvas demo.

In the new typical, competitive rates is everything– It could be the difference between an enormous increase in sales or break your income forecast completely. Competitive rates is a double-edged sword, as cut-throat pricing in the quest for income can cause a decrease in running earnings.
This puts rates and profits managers in a hard area, as they have to take thoroughly established calls on prices. As the profits managers are not aware of what bookings they have coming up, they tend to end up prices wrongly. The control panel likewise offers fast access to the advancement of fares, helping you remedy prices mistakes on the go.

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