September 28, 2022

Driving Occupancy by Segment During Changing Times

What a life saver the Short-term Leisure segment has actually been over the in 2015 to year and a half. During the worst part of the pandemic, when group and business travel came to a stop, leisure guests came back at a consistent speed, filling visitor spaces on weekends and even driving occupancy on Thursday and Sunday nights in many markets.

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On one hand, it remains to be seen how students going back to classes versus virtual knowing and decreases in welfare will affect this section. On the other hand, numerous Americans have more non reusable earnings and cost savings whether it is due to not having the ability to go anywhere for a year or cost savings acknowledged by working from home.

Many individuals, still uncomfortable with air travel or foreign travel, are selecting US Travel and journey which advantages both their destination as well as “stops” along the method. Other individuals are concentrated on creating experiences with friends and family in areas across the nation and are doing them more frequently too taking pleasure in numerous trips every year instead of just one.

As of summertime 2021, we are seeing leisure travel out-pace historical levels in location markets. Leisure travel stays strong through Fall and follows the normal Fall to Winter downturn pattern in a lot of markets. Additional encouragement is kept in mind in typical rates, where some locations are seeing BAR rates back to 2019 levels or much better.

Driving More of the Leisure Segment

Leisure tourists are also highly focused on “online reviews”, so it is vital for a hotel to guarantee each guest has a positive, unforgettable experience resulting in favorable evaluations.

Other packaging such as Parking Packages, Breakfast Packages and Airline Parking Packages priced as a worth add are always great occupancy chauffeurs.

The value-add discount rate can be bent much deeper on requirements nights and flexed smaller or eliminated entirely on hectic nights. Revisiting brand websites and updating copy and images is also an excellent practice to assure that our brand name websites are doing a good job selling us, particularly if any hotel includes changed over the pandemic. Numerous travelers are still looking for flexible cancellation policies and safe environments so these policies should be highlighted on brand name websites..

Further support is kept in mind in typical rates, where some areas are seeing BAR rates back to 2019 levels or much better.

As always, the very best technique for this sector is to price appropriately to competitors weighing their functions and advantages versus yours. Hotels are using creative leisure product packaging around recently resumed regional tourist attractions priced as a value contribute to drive additional profits. Other product packaging such as Parking Packages, Breakfast Packages and Airline Parking Packages priced as a value include are constantly excellent occupancy drivers.

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Regular evaluations of our OTA websites ensure our info and photos stay existing.

Routine reviews of our OTA sites assure our info and photos remain current.

OTA Continues to Rebound.

For those tourists trying to find a lower rate many Brands are reinstating Advance Purchase rates and giving hotels booking window flexibility so the hotel can bend this depending upon whether they want to drive Occupancy, ADR or something in between. These lower rates do include a cancel charge, so they are not for everybody. Leisure tourists are also highly focused on “on-line evaluations”, so it is important for a hotel to make sure each visitor has a favorable, memorable experience resulting in beneficial evaluations.

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