February 1, 2023

Why Invest in Hotel Booking Follow-Up Sales Strategy?

Does your hotel connect to prospective visitors that called you however didnt book a room at your hotel? Have you ever wondered why that took place and how it can impact your income?

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As it is an idea often used with B2B (Business to Business) settlements, numerous hoteliers just do not invest in it. This can be a big mistake.

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Contrary to what numerous people think, follow-up is not the synonym of being insistent and uninteresting. Businesses– in our case, hotels– should eliminate that picture of being “pushy” with bookings.

Its also vital that hotels develop brand-new methods of approaching potential visitors. Utilizing the old method of “simply examining if theyve had the ability to take a look at the proposition” is not the road to take any longer.

There are more reliable ways to keep in touch with potential guests and convince them to book with you.

Lot of times they likewise depend on other individuals to decide (family, work), need to check the budget to see what is within their reach, examine competitors, or are simply not convinced about the value your residential or commercial property offers to them. These are a few aspects that make reserving a hotel a complex choice.

Frequently, the leads (i.e., the prospective visitors) have lots of concerns in mind and tend to get lost on the infinitude of hotels alternatives they have actually been investigating.

That is why it is essential that the hotel takes the effort, contact, and follow up on the possible visitors throughout the whole booking procedure. This increases– a lot!– the opportunities of success.

In this article, well look at:

sales follow-upthe main factors tourists abandon reservationsa detailed guide to using the follow-up strategy in different channels

What are Follow-Ups?

In the sales context (in our case, we are speaking about reservations), follow-up methods taking actions after a contact or proposition presentation to make the lead advance in the booking procedure.

This technique intends to:

More frequently than you might believe, a well-done follow-up strategy can go back these cases and convince the lead to proceed with the appointment.

reduce the booking cyclereduce the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), enhancing business results.

That implies it is easier for the consumers to walk away from the process if they feel like it. Simply put, to ” abandon the hotel cart”.

A follow-up can likewise be used when the guest or future visitor has quit on making the reservation and deserted the online booking process. When this happens, a sales representative must attempt to call that lead to discover out what occurred.

As hotels have been embracing brand-new innovations, follow-up becomes even more important. Nowadays the many part of the booking procedure (if not all of it) is performed by the prospective visitors themselves, without any assistance from any sales representative or hotel worker.

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As it is a principle frequently utilized with B2B (Business to Business) settlements, lots of hoteliers just do not invest in it. This can be a big mistake. This increases– a lot!– the chances of success.

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