November 30, 2022

The rising importance of guest-centric hotel technology

Lets get onto the topic straight away– how the hospitality industry looks at various hotel technology solutions to improve the visitor experience. During the last one or 2 years, this trend of guest service with innovative applications has gathered more momentum as hotels vied to survive while attracting more guests in an unsure business environment. Talking about hotel technology and its effect on visitor experience, how can we forget the importance of a hotel management system? Referred to as a Hotel PMS, this hospitality innovation solution can help you comprehend your guests preferences to serve them better. When the booking is made, the visitor will receive a link from the Hotel PMS.

Communicating with hotel personnel through mobile phone.

Contactless payment.

Percentage of guests rating these innovation includes
Portion of hotels either presently planning or providing to include these performances

Lets get onto the topic quickly– how the hospitality market takes a look at various hotel technology solutions to improve the guest experience. During the last one or 2 years, this trend of visitor service with ingenious applications has actually collected more momentum as hotels competed to survive while drawing in more visitors in an uncertain company environment. Todays guests are also ending up being incredibly demanding, desiring more value.
This blog site will check out more about what guests want and how hotels respond to their requirements. Mainly, we will attempt to draw a parallel here and understand how favorable and passionate hotels around the world have to do with integrating more recent hotel innovation services to improve the quality of their offerings. For this, we will take a hint from HTs Customer Engagement Study and Lodging Technology Study concluded in 2021.

Mobile check-in/out.

Taking a look at the stats mentioned above, it is obvious that hotels preparedness is commendable when offering visitors what they desire. They are making sincere efforts to surpass their guests expectations on every specification.
The function of a hotel management system.
In understanding visitors requirements.
Talking about hotel innovation and its effect on visitor experience, how can we forget the value of a hotel management system? Referred to as a Hotel PMS, this hospitality technology solution can assist you understand your guests preferences to serve them better.
Then, with a cloud-based multi-property option like Hotelogix, you will never have to stress about a situation where you stop working to understand your visitors needs. You can utilize the power of our centralized visitor history functionality to know their likes and dislikes in terms of space food, selection and drink, and a lot more. Smith stayed at one of your residential or commercial properties last year, selected a sea-facing space, ordered continental food, and single-malt whisky. All this details is now caught and saved in the Hotel PMS. This year, when he comes back either to the exact property or picks to go to another residential or commercial property of your group, you can quickly look up his past choices and use the exact same experience, even before he asks for them, resulting in his enhanced pleasure. Now, dont you believe its a terrific method to make visitors commitment?
In keeping visitors safe.
Numerous research studies suggest that visitors have become extremely health-conscious due to the continuous pandemic. Here too, a cloud hotel software application like Hotelogix can empower you in lots of ways.
As soon as the appointment is made, the guest will get a link from the Hotel PMS. It makes the whole process a breeze as it conserves a significant amount of time for the visitor by not making them waste much time near the front desk.
The visitor can even raise service requests during the stay by means of the mobile phone. The guest can start the check-out procedure by clicking the self-checkout button. The guest requires to clear all the charges via the integrated payment services.
What is your next step?
Are you the one discussed above ready to invest in hospitality innovation options to improve the guest experience? We will help you take the very first concrete action towards achieving your objective with our Hotel PMS.
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Ability to use own mobile devices to manage room amenities.

Mobile Reservation

Mobile room secret.

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