February 1, 2023

How can Hotels Tap Into The Trend of Coworking Space?

Whenever there is a brand-new pattern in the market, the hospitality market tries to adjust it in the most creative ways. Work from house is becoming rather common in every sector. This led to the rise of workcation, i.e., work while you travel. The hospitality market took this as an ideal chance to start promoting the workcation culture.One such pattern is coworking areas in hotels. Let me inform you how you might make the very best out of it in this blog.What is a Coworking Space?Coworking area is a leased location shared by different companies and people as a workplace at an affordable cost. Let me discuss it in detail.Since work from home is being embraced by the majority of organisations these days, the need for a larger workplace has actually reduced drastically. Startup culture is at a boom. Most of the startups have a little group size, which negates the requirement of investing into a big official space. Thats where coworking culture comes to rescue. How? Ill tell you in the next point.Why is Coworking Culture Becoming a Trend?I would say that there are 2 factors: Cost effectivenessEase of maintenanceFirst of all the cost-effectiveness is because of the prices structure which is on a per seat basis. Implying the organisation pays just for the number of seats they need instead of paying for the whole office space. They dont need to stress about maintaining tidiness, inventory, and paying utilities costs. Let me discuss with an example. Suppose there is a startup with 10 staff members. Now, they would be looking for a small main area to set up their workplace. This includes investing in other aspects like working with an admin and housekeeping personnel, setting up Wi-Fi, acquiring features (coffee machine and related devices, printer, chairs/recliners, white board, and so on). Coworking spaces just provide them with all these things.Moreover, the per seat each day rates is possible for freelancers. That implies any private wanting to work from the workplace can lease a seat for a day, week, or month according to his convenience and avoid inconveniences of signing a lease. Thats why working professionals are extensively adjusting to coworking culture nowadays. How can Hotels Benefit from the Coworking Space Trend?In 2020, the hospitality market suffered a significant problem and hotels were finding out various strategies to recuperate the loss and welcome guests to remain with them. Thats when workspitality came into existence. Numerous hotels, including big chains like Accor, converted a few of their spaces into a work environment. Generally, the regional individuals can check out the room in between 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM and work from the hotel thereby delighting in the offered glamorous services.In in this manner, individuals can maintain the work-life balance and get away from the loud home environment. Likewise, they didnt need to stress over their routine household chores, because every kind of service was offered in the hotels. Be it cleaning up the room, buying food, or getting any stationery supplies. For hotels, it became a chance to make income by offering their rooms along with their conference room as coworking spaces. How can Hotels Implement Coworking Culture?Its time to resolve the elephant in the room– how to begin a coworking area in hotels. Here are some steps you require to execute at your residential or commercial property.1. Turn your hotels conference room into a coworking spaceTurning your homes meeting/conference room into coworking area is a great idea. Theres a reason behind it. Nowadays, company meetings have actually taken a various turn. What used to happen in person has actually been taken over by virtual conferences and zoom calls. Even the workshops are changed by webinars. In such cases, the requirement for conference rooms by organisations has actually reduced dramatically. And this has actually led to hotels conference spaces remaining uninhabited for the majority of the time. By converting conference rooms into coworking space, hotels can make a subtle amount of earnings. Given that the conference room are already created to cater for working professionals and corporates, this method would be simpler to execute with small tweaks. 2. Buy crucial services and assetsHotels are currently accustomed to providing services like housekeeping, preserving stocks and inventory, administrative tasks, and so on. This part gets covered without any issues. However, I will recommend selecting a couple of devoted team member who can take care of the services part. There are different things that need to be offered in the allocated coworking space in hotels when it comes to possessions. This once again can be divided into 3 different classifications, which are: StationeriesConsumablesComfortablesAs far as the stationeries are worried, they resemble ones required by the front office department, such as printers, blank papers, staplers, pen/pencil, files, and other likes. The most crucial thing is a coffee vending maker along with the required raw materials when it comes to consumables. You can place a TCM (Tea Coffee Maker) if you do not want to go for any heavy investment. Likewise, keep a minibar for the guests. Keep food materials like wafers, biscuits, or other such light snacks if possible. Any guest searching for consumables can purchase it by paying to admin personnel. Comfortables are essentially the devices and accessories that make an office complete like recliners/chairs, tables, whiteboards, projectors, etc. You can also choose for elegant and expensive products like bean bags.3. Provide a high-speed Wi-FiWe all know that food, water, and shelter are 3 standard necessities of human beings. There is a brand-new addition to this list. Yes, the internet. The very first thing you examine is if the location has a correct internet connection Whenever you go to any location. And at the office, internet connection is a MUST. Thats why, when you create a coworking area in hotels, you need to concentrate on this factor. A high speed Wi-Fi connection with 5Ghz bandwidth is a cant miss out on facility.Pro-tip: Check with your internet service company for establishing LAN cable connection too.4. Preserve tidiness and hygieneThis goes without stating that cleanliness and hygiene are essential at the office. No one likes to work in a unclean and shoddy environment. In fact, an unique care is supposed to be taken with maintaining the public restrooms, considering that it would be utilized by every visitor availing hotels coworking area. Also, sanitise the location you are providing when it comes to coworking frequently. 5. Keep feasible ratesAs I said previously, one of the prime reasons for professionals to adapt to coworking is flexible and possible rates. The provision of paying according to usage is what sets coworking apart from the traditional workplace. If you are providing your residential or commercial propertys conference space as a coworking location, then go with per seat each day pricing. In case you are transforming spaces into a coworking location, then charge based on the anticipated tariff from that space (just if the space is accessed by visitors for 24 hours). If the area is inhabited from early morning to night, you can present day utilize tariffs. In any of the cases, keep cost effective rates. Dont keep very high rates as that would beat the entire function of producing a coworking space in hotels. How can Hotels Market their Coworking Space?Now that you are ready with the coworking area in your hotel, its time to market it for producing leads and organization. 1. Note the area on online platformsStart by listing the coworking area on different online reservation platforms. You can Google which ones are prominent in your area, such as My HQ and Coworker.Whilst you list your property as a coworking hotel on these sites, make sure that all the facilities and services are highlighted utilizing high-quality images and videos. 2. Offer discount to trainees and freelancersThese students, days and freelancers are looking out for an appropriate workplace under a particular budget. So, you can accommodate those individuals by offering certain discounts.For students, you can provide a flat rate on a per-day basis. Otherwise, offer a discount voucher after validating their IDs.As far as freelancers are concerned, the prices needs to be on the bare minimum side.3. Promote on social media platformsIts obvious that social networks is one of the very best ways to promote any business. This chooses coworking space in hotels as well.Platforms like Facebook can be utilized to market your hotels coworking space. Additionally, you can do it on your propertys Instagram page.Another method is to utilize social media advertisements to promote the coworking idea of your residential or commercial property. Its similar to marketing offers and discount rates at your hotel. 4. Partner with coworking space providersFinally, last but not the least, partnering with coworking area providers. I had actually specified this point initially in the execution part. But then, I believed that this is more appropriate to the marketing aspect. By operating in cohesion with coworking space companies, you can enhance your reach amongst consumers. Furthermore, there are certain companies that take the space on lease, remodel it, and market the same among the customers.Here are a few of the widely known coworking area companies you can tie-up with:91 SpringboardRegusSmartworksInnov8WeWorkConclusionCoworking in hotels is a brand-new yet a highly lucrative concept. In truth, it can assist hotels draw in the regional audience and utilise their vacant spaces in a special method. Transforming your home into coworking space is no rocket science. All you need to do is follow the actions Ive pointed out above and see the outcomes on your own. Do let me understand in the remarks how they worked for you? Till then pleased hoteliering.

How can Hotels Implement Coworking Culture?Its time to address the elephant in the room– how to start a coworking space in hotels. Turn your hotels conference space into a coworking spaceTurning your propertys meeting/conference room into coworking area is a fantastic idea. List the area on online platformsStart by noting the coworking area on different online booking platforms. Partner with coworking space providersFinally, last but not the least, partnering with coworking space service providers. There are particular business that take the space on lease, refurbish it, and market the very same amongst the customers.Here are some of the popular coworking area service providers you can tie-up with:91 SpringboardRegusSmartworksInnov8WeWorkConclusionCoworking in hotels is a brand-new yet an extremely profitable concept.

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