June 19, 2024

How to Take Care of Your Team During the Hotel Staffing Crisis

” Our circumstance was shown in our online evaluations in both excellent and bad ways,” Lardin said. We didnt have much time to hold individually conferences with staff to see how things were going. Obviously, I utilized that as an indication to have a discussion with that worker and bring our standards back up.”
A lot of reviews were favorable, and that assisted to keep her group motivated. “As at any time, staff members like to see fantastic evaluations, especially with their name on them,” Lardin said. “But since we were so brief in staffing and resources, we required to prioritize the areas where guests appreciated our efforts most. We understood that visitors truly appreciated our warm welcome and our listening to their convenience and security. And dining establishment suggestions was very important too since nobody understood what was open any longer. We focused on these locations.”
Fortunately, the majority of guests were understanding of the situation. “When its the very same employee who examines you in and brings you fresh towels at night and new coffee pods in the early morning, you know the team is working hard to get your experience right,” Lardin said.
Retaining & & Attracting the Best Team Members

Throughout the height of the pandemic, Mélody Lardin of Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel in Montreal discovered herself in a position many other hoteliers can relate to: she was doing whatever. Or at least it seemed like it.
With many of her hotels supervisors and workers laid off, Lardin was taking on more responsibilities every day. “I went from being the hotels director of sales and marketing to likewise being the basic supervisor, director of revenue, director of housekeeping, director of rooms, and head of human resources,” she said throughout ReviewPros current webinar. “Everything but the controller and head of upkeep, fortunately– please dont let me touch a hammer!”

In 2021, after travel constraints relieved and people started traveling once again, hotels all over the world found that much of the staff members they had actually laid off or furloughed had actually found jobs in other industries. With a tight labor market, finding new prospects was likewise challenging.
” For us in Montreal, things went from one extreme to the other, from being really lean with staff to needing to employ for tomorrow,” Lardin stated. “But the interest join the hotel market was low since of federal government programs, the unpredictability of the situation and the lure of jobs in other industries. For those of us who stayed, it implied more pressure, longer hours, being more flexible, and great deals of team effort and flexibility.”
Keeping a Close Eye on Guest Feedback
With so few personnel around, hiring brand-new staff members didnt constantly go efficiently for the hotel. “We needed to onboard them quite quickly because we required them to work right now, so they didnt get as much training time as they deserved and needed,” Lardin said.
Despite the obstacles, Lardin made it a top priority to keep a close eye on visitor feedback. A customer of ReviewPro because 2019, Le Saint-Sulpice utilizes ReviewPros Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS) solutions to keep track of visitor feedback, benchmark guest complete satisfaction, and find areas for enhancement.

On a common day, Lardin would sign in a guest, inspect a space, head out to buy regional red wines for the minibar, manage a visitor problem, and consult with a personnel member who needed to talk. Its a situation experienced by hoteliers around the globe these days.
With 108 large suites, Le Saint-Sulpice is a four-star, independent shop hotel situated in historical Old Montreal in Quebec, Canada. “What truly makes us special truly is our connection with guests,” Lardin stated. “Were all here to serve them with quality, however were also like professional family and friends. We desire them to see Montreal through our own eyes and experience.”
A Tight Labor Market

For Le Saint-Sulpice, one of the greatest obstacles was stabilizing the requirements of guests with the needs of workers. “Guests required our attention, however we didnt desire staff to burn out either,” Lardin stated.
Drawing from her experiences, Lardin shared her personal ideas for bring in and maintaining the very best employee during the staffing crisis:

Something Im very happy of is we co-created, redefined and anchored our business culture as a team. We also redefined the hotels vision, mission and values. We needed something clear, compelling and fun to determine with and something to hold on to looking forward.
Sometimes workers need to vent– to speak about what they are experiencing. We make sure they feel seen and heard due to the fact that its one thing to talk, but the individual to whom youre speaking likewise needs to be present and to really listen.
Its about keeping that trigger alive because were in this for the passion, even more so now for individuals who are still with us today. And so producing that personnel engagement is substantial.
For staff, being in the understand suggests trust, and trust is substantial in these times in order to survive. We communicate as much as possible because thats the very first thing our group informed us they needed. They need to understand whats taking place, whether it was good or bad.
Be accommodating and versatile. Our leadership team likewise tries to accommodate staff demands as much as possible. For example, we accepted everyones holiday requests over the summer season despite the fact that we didnt even do that before the pandemic. They required that mental break, and this was really essential to everybody. It put more pressure on the others, however it had to do with finding the right balance.

Leaner however Stronger, and Ready to Face the Future

With many of her hotels managers and employees laid off, Lardin was taking on more duties every day. “What truly makes us distinct actually is our connection with visitors,” Lardin said.” For us in Montreal, things went from one extreme to the other, from being truly lean with staff to having to hire for tomorrow,” Lardin said. “Guests required our attention, however we didnt desire staff to burn out either,” Lardin said. “For us, all of this indicated we were able to maintain many of our team members,” Lardin said.

“For us, all of this implied we were able to retain many of our group members,” Lardin stated. Our team is happy working at the hotel, they feel good, and the atmosphere is fantastic, so they help spread out the word to others.”
As for Lardin, she decided to go back to her role as director of sales and marketing. “Its where I choose to be,” she said. “We now have a brand-new basic supervisor who is amazing. He has a similar ambiance with the team, so Im really content where I am today.”
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